Odysseus And Telemachus In Homer's Odyssey

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Although I know that you are not aware of the current events at the moment, but I have finally reunited with my heir, my beloved son Telemachus. Athena advised me to dress as a beggar when I return to Ithaca. She requested my dresscode to be this way so no one can target me once they realize what my rightful identity is. She also mentioned that your suitors, those disgraceful who have no shame and trying to replace me, have it in their minds to murder me so they have you, Telemachus, and our riches in their greedy hands. My son and I were in the same room in Pylos, once he entered the room I offered to give my chair to him with no hesitation as a sly test but he politely declined and found another place to sit. I am proud of you for raising

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