Compare And Contrast Anne's Relationship With Her Father

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Compare and contrast Anne’s relationship with her mother to that with her father. (Double Bubble Map) Started Monday, January 9th Anne respects and appreciates her father more. And also, she always criticises whatever her mother does. But later in the story Anne respects her mother more. Also Anne appreciates what her mother does for her and the sacrifices she made. Throughout the whole story Anne appreciates and respects her father. And Anne prefers to go to her father with problems rather than her mother. Compare and contrast the relationship between Anne and Peter at the beginning of the play and later on in the play. At the beginning of the play Anne did not pay attention to Peter. Also Peter was shy and did not talk to Anne at all. Peter also did not like Anne and taunted her. Later on in the play Anne began to like Peter and talked to him. Also Peter was less shy and liked Anne. At the end of the play Peter and Anne liked each other. In addition Anne and Peter actually prefered to spend time with each other than anyone else. …show more content…

Anne would get on the others’ nerves by saying what she thought and not filtering her words. She would always blurt out whatever she was thinking at any given time and that did not sit well with the others. Also Anne got on her mother’s nerves when she disrespected her a lot. Anne seemed to have the unpopular opinion a lot of the time. She also got on Mr. Dussell’s nerves by taking too much time in their room and not letting him in. Compare Anne and Margot. Do their differences ever cause

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