A Summary Of The Diary Of Anne Frank

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The 1940s were a crucial time all over the world with hardships and wars going on for years. Within these wars, two little girls that have been apart of it their whole lives, have shared their experiences through a diary and a book of stories. The Diary of Anne Frank is about a young jewish girl named Anne Frank, who has to go into hiding with her family in order to not get caught and taken away by the Nazis in Amsterdam, and while in hiding, records her experiences and thoughts into her diary. Farewell to Manzanar is a book based on a girl named Jeanne Wakatsuki who is seven years old at the time, and gets taken away with her family to Manzanar encampments, as the U.S. government doesn’t want to risk any Japanese Americans possibly giving up information to the Japanese as they are at war with them. Anne Frank and Jeanne Wakatsuki have many similarities and differences throughout their lifetimes on the run from the war.

Anne Frank was a very energetic young girl who tended to annoy the people around her with her thoughts, and never thinks about the things she says before she speaks out. During this time, Adolf Hitler has come into power, taking jewish people and their families away from their homes, killing, starving or working them to death, that has also come to be known as the Holocaust. Due to this and Anne’s family being jewish, they take action and go into hiding in an annex above an office with one other family named the Van Daans. The main events that happen, affect

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