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  • Miep Gies

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    Have you ever heard the names, Miep Gies, Irena Sendler, and Gerda Weissmann Klein? If not, you should have because these were some of the most influential women during the Holocaust. These three women fought against the harsh Nazi Germany party to free jews, provided assistance to the many Jewish ghettos, and told their own story of being in the hands of the Nazis. Miep Gies, Irena Sendler, and Gerda Weissmann Klein were some of the most influential people of the Holocaust due to their heroic actions

  • Miep Gies: A Brief Biography

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    Miep was born on February 15, 1909, in Vienna. She married a dutch man and worked for Otto Frank and became close to his family. She hid the Franks in secret annex for more than two years after they were discovered by the Gestapo. She found Anne Frank’s diaries and returned them to Otto Frank, who later published them. Miep recorded her own memoir of the time in 1987 and died on january 11, 2010, at age 100. Early life Miep Gies was born Hermine Santrouschitz (Santrouschitz in Dutch) on February

  • How Did Miep Gies Get Brave

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    Miep Gies Miep Gies was a woman born in the early 1900’s whom survived World War I when she was a young girl. During World War I, Miep was sent to the Netherlands and her and others peers suffered from starvation and tuberculosis. When she was older, she worked for Otto Frank before helping him in hiding in 1942. Miep is a very strong character. She survived the chaos of World War II, she helped the Franks and she also survived World War I (annefrank.org). Miep is considered brave because

  • Miep Gies In The Holocaust

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    and did outside labor like factories, construction projects, farms or coal mines (Vashem). They walked miles to get to their work. If they did not corporate they were shot on sight. 11 million Jews were killed in the holocaust(Rosenberg). Miep Gies was living in Amsterdam almost all her life. when

  • Effects Of Otto Frank On The Holocaust

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    parents after World War ll. She was sent to a foster family where she was given the name Miep Gies by her foster parents Miep loved the Netherlands so much that her parents gave her permission to stay on with her Dutch family. Later in Miep’s life she became a secretary with the Opekta company working for Otto Frank making jam, Miep instantly became friends with the Frank Family. Miep Gies was married to Jan Gies they

  • Informative Essay On Anne Frank

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    Otto Frank was liberated from the death camp called Auschwitz (Anne Frank Line). After all the camps were shut down only 45 men and 82 women had lived (Linwer 7). Anne Franks diary was found and a lady named Miep, On June 3 1945 Mr. Frank comes back to Amsterdam and meets up with Miep and Jane Gies. gave it to her father (Anne Frank Bio)(Linwer 7)(Anne Frank

  • Informative Essay On Otto Frank

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    Germany surrenders, the war ends and Europe is free but in ruins. Everyone died in the concentration camps except for Otto Frank. Everyone died of disease and exhaustion. “Otto Frank returns to Amsterdam to see Miep and Jan Gies. Miep gives him Anne’s diary.” ("Anne Frank's History: The Story of Anne Frank.") Otto Frank fulfills Anne’s wish and publishes the diary. The Frank family had a huge struggle in their live being a jew along with with everyone else who was a Jew

  • Anne Frank: Why People Are Really Good At Heart

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    Courage is a word to describe a brave person, and can also describe Anne Frank, perfectly. Today, in our generation, a large sum of people is living negative lives, but Anne Frank was not one of those people. At the time of the Holocaust, from 1933 to 1945, she was a Jewish teenager, and although she was sent to a concentration camp at the age of 15, she was exceedingly positive and always tried to find the best in everyone. Prior to the holocaust, Anne, her friends and family didn’t have to stay

  • Informative Speech On Anne Frank

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    Im am going to tell you about Anne Frank. How her life was like and her family. How she lived to tell you about lived two years of her life in an annex before she died. Her family had two share the annex with another family and a dentist. And how she died in the concentration camp. Anne frank was a thirteen year old girl who lived in Amsterdam with her family in World War One. She was born on June 12,1929, in Furtland, Germany. Anne and her family moved to Amsterdam, Netherland, in the fall of

  • Similarities Between Otto Frank And Anne Wiesel

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    starting July 6Th. The Van Pels family joins them a week later. The two families already know each other: Otto Frank and Hermann Van Pels are business partners. Four months later, Fritz Pfeffer is the eighth person to move into the Annex. He 's Miep Gies ' dentist. Anne and the rest of the people hiding in the secret annex had to live the end of their lives in the holocaust. Anne Frank received her diary for her thirteenth birthday on 12

  • Miep Gies: The Secret Annex Survivor Analysis

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    Miep Gies: The Secret Annex Survivor The Frank family is a family known for their period of hiding during the Holocaust: A mass extermination of jews run by Adolf Hitler. During that time of hiding, a woman named Miep Gies brought them supplies and other information about what was going on outside of the hiding place. Anne wrote a lot about her in her diary which was later published after the war ended and because of her support during that time, Miep Gies is remembered as one of the most important

  • Holocaust Extermination Camp Sobibor

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    Holocaust Essay The second extermination camp to come into action through the Nazi "operation Reinhard " was the extermination camp Sobibor. The sobibor death camp was accepted in March 1942. The death camp was situated in the district of Poland, so the people from outside wouldn 't see what the SS officers or Nazis were doing to the Jews. There was this railroad to the Sobibor death camp that the Jews in the train passed through it. Some of the jews in the train didn 't know what was

  • Mr. Van Daan Character Analysis

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    Anne Frank. Many people have heard of a girl named Anne Frank, who had to deal with great amounts of stress and hardships, while she was in the Annex. The Annex, a secret hiding spot where the Franks and Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel lived, for them to stay while hiding from the Nazis. There were 8 people together in a tiny space, and some were similar, but very different. In “The Diary of Anne Frank”, a drama based on Anne Frank's diary, written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, Anne Frank and

  • An Informative Essay: The Diary Of Anne Frank

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    Do you know who Anne Frank is, if you don’t stick around and read this SUPER amazing essay, you may learn something you never thought of. So Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who had to go into hiding during the Second World War to escape the Nazis. She and her family had to hide in her dad’s workplace, which was called the secret annex. Anne Frank was a girl that was trying to hide during World War 2, all she did was hide, she writes in her diary when they were hiding, an how she felt always just hiding

  • Boy In The Striped Pajamas Comparison

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    The main characters of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne and Bruno, can be contrastive of each other. However, they are alike in their thoughts, actions, morals, and the fact that they are on opposite sides of the same story. Both children are born around the time of World War II and face the challenges associated with the war. In addition, the book and the play themselves are set apart in the way they are brought to life. Anne and Bruno share the commonality of

  • Anne Frank's Diary Before The Holocaust

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    Anne Frank was a young innocent, teenage girl who enjoyed life and everything about it, that's until the Holocaust. During , The time of the Holocaust, Anne Frank had to hide upstairs in the dark attic for almost two years. The spot the been hiding in was called the secret “Annex”.The Holocaust was one of the most moving and heartbreaking time for Jewish people.Anne Frank received her special eloquent diary at her 12th birthday. She was one of the most passionate when it came to what she believed

  • Brief Summary Of Liesel's The Book Thief

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    The Book Thief is a novel told by Death, who tells us the story of Liesel Meminger. It's January 1939, and Liesel, who is around ten-years of age, is ona train with her mom and her brother Werner. Liesel and Werner are being being sent Molching, only outside of Munich, Germany, to live with foster parents Hans and Rosa Hubermann. Werner dies in the train. Before Liesel lands in Molching, she attends her brother's funeral. There she takes The Grave Digger's Handbook from the cemetery after it falls

  • Anne Frank Research Paper

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    This story is abut a girl that was writing her daily days while she was in the holocaust She was venting her fears and frustrations, and contemplating her everyday life. She was given the diary as a present from her parents in 1942, and named it Kitty. Through her diary writing, Anne Frank was in many ways her own counsellor in a time of great suffering and tribulation. She realized that writing down her thoughts and feelings could help her cope with the anxiety of the war and Nazi persecution.

  • Otto Frank Research Paper

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    The Evil that Follows During World War II, millions of lives were claimed by the Holocaust; over six million Jews were killed by the Nazis because of Hitler 's hatred towards the Jews. One family, The Franks, were affected by this unnecessary hatred. The Franks were a total of four people, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Margot Frank, and Anne Frank. The Franks lived a normal life in Germany but decided to move as Jews were given less and less freedom because of Hitler 's laws to oppress the Jews. Even

  • The Secret Anne Frank Research Paper

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    A youthful, energetic young lady constrained into separation from the outside world, veiling their faces from the new governmental party, born and died a Frank. Anne Frank was numerous things: an author, a storyteller, a witness, and a casualty, among all them. A fact that many appear to overlook is that she was also a human being-not fictional. In 1942, numerous Jews were being caught, sent to slave camps and concentration camps, alarming Otto Frank who soon moved his family to the private alcove