The Holocaust By Anne Frank

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The Holocaust is the mass murder of Jews under the German Nazi regime during the period 1941–45. More than 6 million European Jews, as well as members of other persecuted groups, such as gypsies and homosexuals, were murdered. Anne Frank was a young girl who had to live in a secret annex with her family starting July 6Th. The Van Pels family joins them a week later. The two families already know each other: Otto Frank and Hermann Van Pels are business partners. Four months later, Fritz Pfeffer is the eighth person to move into the Annex. He 's Miep Gies ' dentist. Anne and the rest of the people hiding in the secret annex had to live the end of their lives in the holocaust. Anne Frank received her diary for her thirteenth birthday on 12 …show more content…

Furthermore, the Germans identified the Jews as less than human, separate, and different. Anne doesn’t seem to believe any of those things about herself or other Jewish people, but she is forced to live in a country that does. This contributes a different identity to Anne’s later self as she becomes a fearful person, living on the brink of disaster. Anne described the Jewish’s lives once their freedoms were taken away. “Jews were required to wear a yellow star; Jews were required to turn in their bicycles; Jews were forbidden to use streetcars; Jews were forbidden to ride in cars, even their own; Jews were required to do their shopping between 3 and 5 P.M.; Jews were required to frequent only Jewish-owned barbershops and beauty parlors; Jews were forbidden to be out on the streets between 8 P.M. and 6 A.M.; Jews were forbidden to go to theaters, movies or any other forms of entertainment; Jews were forbidden to use swimming pools” -On June 20, 1942 Page 4. This quote from Anne’s diary shows how the Germans treated the Jewish people and how unfair this treatment was. Anne did not identify herself the way the Germans did. She viewed herself as normal at this time and was still focusing her time on being an average girl with all her

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