The Diary Of Anne Frank By Anne Frank

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This story is abut a girl that was writing her daily days while she was in the holocaust She was venting her fears and frustrations, and contemplating her everyday life. She was given the diary as a present from her parents in 1942, and named it Kitty. Through her diary writing, Anne Frank was in many ways her own counsellor in a time of great suffering and tribulation.
She realized that writing down her thoughts and feelings could help her cope with the anxiety of the war and Nazi persecution. In an entry dated 12 June, 1942, Anne wrote that her journal would serve as a "great support and comfort." She help that in Germany they don’t want this any more for the present days. We need to learn from our errors and that is what we need to focus about. All her family, including her, they were forced to hide if they don’t want to die. They hide and was fine but later they were found by Nazis and they were translated to a consentration camp, by the time all they die except for one, Otto Frank, Anne’s father. Otto Frank submitted Anne’s diary the first edition was called “The Back House.”

This situation of the holocaust affect too much anne’s family and all the world because they were hided, they can’t get up because of the fear they had. If they found them they were be killed by the Nazis so they do their best and anne try to be optimism with the situation. For this reason they need to have a lot of patience in the story says that anne pasted some pictures in the wall to feel

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