Essay On Stoller Middle School

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There it was, standing in the distance, a tall gloomy gray-colored building. With a few splashes of blue paint added to the dull cement to add color to what would otherwise be a lifeless building.This building was non-other than the one and only Stoller Middle School. I never referred to it as a middle school but more as a prison, it was full of rules that were put in place just to suck away any possible fun from a child’s mind. Maybe I didn’t like the place because I was suspended five times from it. My latest suspension happened the day after I had just come back from the fourth one. There I was hanging out in the orange hall locker room with some of my friends. The locker room was the color of, well you guessed it......oranges. I was …show more content…

How much was your bail?”- Asked my friend Masa jokingly. After my friends had been done interrogating me they left the bright orange colored locker room. I played a game with my friends, the goal of this game was to hide your friend 's stuff. I hid everything I could of my friend 's stuff, including backpacks, notebooks, and pencil pouches. I also got my stuff taken all the time; I can’t even count how many times I’ve found my backpack in the trashcan. We don’t keep track of points during the game; we just did it for some immature fun; we made sure not to hide super valuable stuff like Ipads. So as I was standing alone in the orange hall locker room from the corner of my eye I saw one of my best friends pencil pouches. His name was Rachit, yes.... It’s rachit; I know “who names their kid rachit?” He was always hiding my stuff, so I took his bright red pencil pouch with a worn zipper and bursting seems. I was looking around the locker room and found an open locker; I shoved the pencil pouch in. As I closed it I heard the lock clicking into place then I walked away. Later that day Rachit was frantically looking for his pencil pouch and decided to confront me about it. I told Rachit that I put in someone’s locker and we laughed for a few …show more content…

After I had used the restroom, I stepped out of the bathroom and made sure to look behind my back, to make sure the substitute teacher wasn’t following me. I went down the hallway, which felt longer than usual. I had a weird voice in the back of my head saying “ I don’t think this is an exquisite idea.” Like I usually do I ignored it because I like to live in the moment, no just kidding; I’m just not that bright. So when I got to the science classroom door, I slowly opened it to make sure no one was in the room. Then I decided to start snooping through my science teacher’s drawers. I was surprised that the drawers were unlocked. Let me get something straight real quick, I am not a thief, I’m just a scrawny white kid who made a mistake and is trying to fix it. The first drawer was the school supply drawer; it had pens, glue sticks, and pencils. The next drawer I went through must of been the “junk” drawer, because it had a bunch of random shit in it, like hot wheels cars, voice changers, and a bunch of other toys.The next drawer was a file cabinet, yet there was still no key to be

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