Similarities Between Appleton And John Proctor

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Peter Appleton and John Proctor are both similar and different in their own way. They both are in similar situations when they are faced with similar moral dilemmas. They both are coming from different time eras so the dilemma for both of them are of course going to be different. In John Proctors case he is facing the dilemma of him and his wife being accused of witchcraft, and with just being accused of witchcraft no one wanted to associate with you in any way. Peter Appleton’s dilemma is that he is a big Hollywood film writer and living the American dream, but things start to go down because he has been accused of communism. Now back in the 50s, communism was an event that if you were just simply accused of being a communist no one would …show more content…

When all of a sudden Peter goes to work the next day to find out no one was working in the office, so his boss comes up to him and had told him he has been accused of communist activities. He does not deny it, because it turns out he had joined some type of organization back in his college years to impress a girl whom he had thought he was in love with. Peter really valued his life and his career very much, you could tell just by his actions throughout the film. One night he went for a drive and he had swerved off the road and had crashed to wake up with he had no recognition of who he was. Long story short an elder man found him on the beach mistaking him as his son Luke who had originally died at war and never returned home until now he had thought. The doctor had said he would soon start to remember things and as soon as he did he remembered who he was and what moral dilemma he was facing. Soon enough he had his court hearing and his lawyers had a statement for him to read specifically so he would not go to jail and he would be able to go back to his life in Hollywood, and forget all the events that had happened. While facing the court, Peter had decided to not go through with his lawyers plan and he decided to take manners into his own hands. With that being said he had proven the court wrong and was free to go and to remain living his

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