What Are The Choices That Lead To The Death Of John Proctor

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If someone has ever seen a person help out another, then they know how good a person can be. John Proctor was that type of person. He was the type of person to believe in moral values and to honor oneself. He believed in the Bible and the Ten Commandments. John Proctor made choices that may not have been morally ethical, but we will examine Mr. Proctors actions and beliefs which lead to his demise. John Proctor made many decisions during the movie. He believed that his family came first. He was willing to disgrace his name by admitting to adultry instead of let his wife hang for witchcraft. He signed a confession admitting to witchcraft, even when the audience knew he wasn’t guilty. He signed a false confession in order to save his wife. He did what he thought he had to do. The court left him no choice. They would not believe him when he said the girls were lieing. …show more content…

The girls wanted attention and fame; they got it. During this time, Salem was not a safe place. One could charge their neighbor of witchcraft just for the land. This is seen in the movie, Mr. Putnam is accused of telling his daughter to cry witchery on Mr. Jacobs. Without the spectral evidence that the court allowed, the girls had no proof of anyone hurting them. Abigail wanted to get rid of Goody Proctor, John’s wife, so she could be with him.
Reverend Hale asked John to say his ten commandments and he did, with the exception of one, thou shalt not commit adultery. It is very ironic considering he had an affair with Abigail. John did not think that God was actually dead. He said that because he was frustrated. Reverend Hale also knew that the girls were lying. He tried to convince the court that they were lying but they wouldn’t believe him either. Abigail persistently tried to continue their affair but John would not have

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