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  • Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

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    I, Elizabeth Proctor can lie no more, a devil more devious than Lucifer himself hides her fangs behind a veil of lies. It is none other than Abigail, the shrewd “whore”. As of the moment she stepped foot in my house as a mere servant, I saw the wall of marriage come crashing down. I dare say, the court should be ashamed as I stand before thee, accused of witchcraft and dealing with the devil. Me, Elizabeth Proctor! Today the court has conjured with the devil itself by believing Abigail's accusation

  • John And Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

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    Salem Witch trails. John and Elizabeth Proctor suffer the most out of the characters and play an important role in the plot of the story. John Proctor had an affair with Abigail which led her to hate Elizabeth. Elizabeth, being John's wife, was targeted by Abigail throughout the play. Unfortunately, Abigail's lies and hated was the cause of John's death and Elizabeth imprisonment. Both John and Elizabeth show characteristics of being faithful and protective. Elizabeth is a strong, brave, Christian

  • Character Of Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

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    the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692-93. The main antagonist Abigail is trying to be with John Proctor after having an affair with him but Elizabeth isn't having it. Abigail is trying to convict Elizabeth of witchcraft, so she can be killed and have John Proctor all to herself. Elizabeth Proctor is one of the protagonist of the play. She is a loving and honest women. She knows that John Proctor had an affair but she is trying to keep her marriage together and keep Abigail from ruining it.

  • Elizabeth Proctor The Crucible Analysis

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    To convict Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft would be like giving up our independance to the British simply because they said so, it wouldn’t quite make sense would it? Convicting Mrs. Proctor, with only accusations to go by, doesn’t make sense either. A real human being cannot possibly be willing to convict her when there is glaring evidence that supports her innocence. The accusation made by Abigail Williams that it was “Elizabeth’s familiar spirit” is just that, an accusation, it has no truth behind

  • The Role Of Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

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    woman and someone other than her husband,” which happens to be what Elizabeth Proctor drove her husband to do. In The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, Elizabeth Proctor continues to show her deficiency as a good wife throughout the play. Elizabeth is to blame for the tragic outcome of the play because she was a cold wife, she led her husband to commit adultery, and Abigail Williams feared her. Throughout the play, Elizabeth Proctor is known for being a cold and an improper wife. On countless occasions

  • Elizabeth Proctor Forgiveness Analysis

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    Between Elizabeth and John Forgiveness. A word like forgiveness can solve any problem and give people a second chance. In the play The Crucible, farmer’s wife Elizabeth Proctor, is torn whether to forgive her husband, John Proctor or not. Set back in Salem, Massachusetts during the Puritan times, the play begins with teens girls conjuring spirits and dancing in the woods. When Reverend Parris watched this madness, a whirl of lies and unnecessary blame surrounds the girls. Elizabeth Proctor gets caught

  • Elizabeth Proctor Guilty Analysis

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    In Act IV of The Crucible Elizabeth Proctor was accused and found guilty. In many cases its very difficult to tell if people are innocent or not. Even though the accused swear under oath, doesn’t mean that they will keep that promise. In some cases an innocent person is said to be guilty and are punished for a crime that they did not commit. In a different perspective some may see Elizabeth as guilty. It was found that during the court hearing she lied under oath about her husband and Abigail having

  • Abigail And Elizabeth Proctor Relationship Analysis

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    Arthur Miller, the relationship between Abigail Williams, Elizabeth Proctor, and John Proctor in act one seems to be a rising conflict throughout the book. Ever since Abigail’s affair with John Proctor, she has been out to get Elizabeth for it. In act one Abigail tells John that “I never knew what pretense salem was, I never knew the lying lessons I was taught by all these Christian women and their covenanted men...you loved me John Proctor” (Miller 24). Abigail is clearly confessing her love to John

  • Elizabeth Proctor Character Analysis Essay

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    Character Analysis of Elizabeth Proctor In the play, The Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor is the wife of John, who committed adultery with a 17 year old girl, Abigail Williams. Elizabeth is a dynamic character in the play, who changes her view on her husband’s wrongdoing when instead of blaming it all on him she takes some of the blame and says the some of her insecurities stopped her from believing in his love. Although she’s cold, Goody Proctor is a good wife to John, staying loyal through his trial

  • How Is Elizabeth Proctor Justified In The Crucible

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    Defense of Elizabeth Proctor In the play, The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, Abigail Williams charged Elizabeth Proctor with witchcraft. The evidence presented to the court against Elizabeth Proctor is inadequate and not justified. Elizabeth is a proper and honest woman. Elizabeth is definitely innocent of any allegation of dealing with the Devil. Elizabeth Proctor lacks any qualities that signify she is a witch. When Reverend John Hale questioned the Christian character of the Proctor’s

  • Who Is Elizabeth Proctor Suspenseful In The Crucible

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    now. God forbid I take it from him!" In Arthur Miller's suspenseful play The Crucible, Elizabeth Proctor is one of the most audacious women in the story. She showcases what the theme is really about in the story. She deliberately sacrificed her and her unborn child's life. Also, she surrendered to the court and lied to the judges. Lastly, she forfeited her rights as a wife. First and foremost, Elizabeth Proctor independently immolated life for herself and for her unborn child. She was expecting

  • Similarities Between John And Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

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    important roles in this story were John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor. These two characters were a married couple who lived on the outskirts of Salem, Massachusetts. John Proctor displayed himself as an honest hard working man, who had only one secret. This secret was his affair with Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams was trying to get rid of Elizabeth, because she wanted to take over her spot as John Proctors wife. Due to Abigail's jealousy and revenge for Elizabeth she mentions Elizabeth's name during

  • Compare And Contrast Elizabeth Proctor And Abigail Williams

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    Miller, the characters of Elizabeth Proctor, and Abigail Williams can be compared and contrasted through love, witchcraft, and Family. First of all, love in The Crucible, between Abigail Williams, and Elizabeth Proctor was interesting because John Proctor was married to Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail Williams and John Proctor discuss of the affair they had. “ John- I am waiting for you every night.”pg 176 John Proctor refuses the affair with Abigail Williams. Elizabeth Proctor find out about this and

  • Similarities Between Elizabeth Proctor And Abigail Williams

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    Elisabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams two of the main characters. They are very different, how they handle thinks, for example in love and witchcraft. But the question is, how different are they? Abigail Williams is a seventeen year old girl witch parents are death. She is living with her uncle and his child Betty. Betty and Abigail are friends. One night all girls go in the woods to have a ritual, but Abigail is drinking blood and cased a spell to Elisabeth. She wants that Elisabeth Proctor, the wife

  • Compare And Contrast Abigail Williams And Elizabeth Proctor

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    on reading due to the commotion in the dialogue. For instance, I really enjoy the characters because each one of them actually reminds me of people that I know in person and how they act. In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the characters of Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams can be compared and contrasted through their personalities, motivations, and relationship. In view of, Abigail Williams personality, she is intimidating because she threatened the girls by saying she was going to make their

  • Elizabeth Proctor Honesty Analysis

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    in Salem Massachusetts, the play is an allegory of Salem witch trials of 1692. John Proctor, a farmer from outside town, is married to Elizabeth Proctor. In the town where they lived in, 19 were chosen to be prosecuted because they were blamed for doing witchcraft and he was part of it too. In the play, he has to make the hardest decision, whether to die of sin or to keep his integrity and be hanged. John Proctor had to take a difficult decision, to be hanged, so the reputation of his family would

  • The Crucible Elizabeth And Proctor Relationship Analysis

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    town slowly through the whole story. Abigail and Proctor’s relationship changes, then Elizabeth and Proctor’s, then finally Parris and Abigail’s. These relations were the biggest changes in the story but they did have plenty more. First comes Abigail and Proctor’s relations. Their relationship changes throughout the story slowly because of Abigail’s crazy obsession with Proctor. Abigail’s perception towards Proctor shows that she thinks he is perfect and she tried everything she can to have him. “Abigail

  • Abigail Williams And Elizabeth Proctor In The Crucible

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    Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor, Miller is showing that guilt brings out selfish habits of a character. Elizabeth Proctor is an honest and smart woman married to John Proctor. Throughout this play we have seen Elizabeth as being forgiving and loving. For example, Proctor had cheated on her and had an affair with Abigail. Elizabeth was very angry at this but then forgave Proctor. Although Elizabeth’s actions are normally calm, Miller shows how guilt changes her actions. Elizabeth had realized she

  • Character Analysis Elizabeth Proctor

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    bed-” (Miller 1298). Elizabeth Proctor is John Proctor's wife in the play, The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller. Elizabeth has been keeping a cold house and judges John everytime he comes and goes for seven months since John had an affair with their 17 year old servant, Abigail. Even though she fires Abigail and John is straightforward and completely honest with Elizabeth, she will not forgive John. Elizabeth feels like she has done nothing wrong, but has she really? Elizabeth in the course of the

  • Elizabeth Proctor Character Analysis

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    In the Crucible the main characters are John Proctor, Abigail Williams, Rev. John Hale, Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, Rev Parris, Giles Corey and many more.The symbolic characters in the crucible are very important in the development of the theme. The major themes are intolerance, hysteria, and reputation. Each character is used to expose a different theme in the story that relates to its plot. The roles of each character are represented through the interaction they have with the plot of the