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  • Mary Warren In The Crucible '

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    Elizabeth in the kitchen. ELIZABETH: Did you go to Salem today? Mary Warren is there. PROCTOR: I forbid her to. Why is she there? ELIZABETH: She said she must go to Salem. She says she is to go to court. Fourteen people are in jail and are waiting to be tried. The town has gone mad. They promise hangings of those that will not confess. Mary Warren arrives and enters the room. PROCTOR: I told you not to leave this house. MARY WARREN: Do not harm me. I am unwell. I spent all day in court. Goody

  • Mary Warren Character Analysis

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    Salem Witch Trials entitled The Crucible, the character of Mary Warren is the quintessential coward. She is one of the many girls who accuse others of being witches, though she knows it is wrong, she continues to cover up her faults with lies. Mary Warren finally accuses John Proctor of witchcraft in Act IV because she is a coward and does not want to take the blame for the hysteria she has helped to create. In Act IV Mary Warren is afraid of Abigail, so she points the finger at John Proctor

  • Who Is Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    Mary Warren Used for Both Sides In the historical play, The Crucible, Mary Warren is used for both sides. Mary Warren is a maid for John Proctor, and becomes involved in the Salem witch hunt as one of the accusers, led by Abigail Williams. She sits on the jury, part of Abigail’s gaggle girls, and is someone who was not known till the Witch Trials. Mary Warren believed that witchcraft was happening in Salem just like Abigail Williams, Judge Danforth, Parris, etc. As other in The Crucible she pretended

  • Examples Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    Mary the Shadow There’s always that one person in a friend group that hides in the shadows, bottling up any thoughts or opinions they may have about a subject. They have knowledge that could change the views of the people around them, yet they decide to stay mute. Whether they hide their view out of embarrassment or fear is another story. In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, Mary Warren is a prime example of this kind of person. She seems to be an unfortunate soul that was coerced into standing

  • Mary Warren The Crucible Analysis

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    Proctor and Mary Warren, have a big role in this act. Proctor is a big farmer who owns land out in the country and works hard for everything he has. He has 3 children with his wife Elizabeth Proctor. Mary Warren is connected to this family through the care she provides for their home and children. Mary Warren helps to complete the everyday duties that Elizabeth sets out for her. John Proctor brings this scene together with his stubborn, hardworking and angry attitude while Mary Warren has distraught

  • The Role Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    “Now sit you down and take counsel with yourself, or you will be set in the jail until you decide to answer all question… this is a court of law… I’ll have no effrontery here!” - Danforth. One person that gained power by witch craft is Mary Warren. May Warren was a servant and was always either treated or abused, She sees that having power means that know one could really make you do anything and thats what she whats, she’s

  • Compare And Contrast Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    are, Mary Warren and Reverend John Hale. The story takes place in Salem, 1692, when supposedly witchcraft ran rampant. John Hale gives us the knowledge of witchcraft and puritan beliefs, in the story, in order to decide whether someone was a witch or not, while Mary Warren assists Abigail Williams in the false accusations presented in order to alleviate the punishment they were facing for the actual practicing of witchcraft as well as dancing. In the story John Hale is intelligent while Mary Warren

  • The Crucible Mary Warren Character Analysis

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    Miller. John Proctor is the protagonist character in the play. He is married to Elizabeth Proctor and they have three small children. Mary Warren was the Procter family maid. She is an important character in the play because she is the girl who gets Elizabeth accused of witchcraft and put in jail. John Proctor is a hardworking, yet stubborn character and Mary Warren is a scared and disobedient maid. John Proctor was the most stubborn and hardworking character in the play. He is married to Elizabeth

  • John Proctor And Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    A crucible means a severe test or trial, clearly something many of the characters face in The Crucible. John Proctor and Mary Warren are two characters who primarily struggle with being good Puritans, as many obstacles stand in their way and prevent them from achieving the true love of God. To start off, John Proctor faces challenges ranging from facing Abigail to gaining his wife’s trust to saving the lives of the innocent, but his overall greatest test is to remain a faithful Christian in accordance

  • Mary Warren Accused John Proctor In The Crucible

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    In act three of the crucible, Mary Warren accused John Proctor of witchcraft. The reason being, either way, she would be going to jail but if she found some way to soften the blow a little she could be let of a little easier. The way she picked in the heat of the moment was blaming John Proctor of witchcraft. She was being blamed by the girls that she was a witch and had absolutely no way to defend herself because the judges already are on Abigail's side. She then dropped the bomb and said that John

  • Abigail And The Other Girls Were Being Accused Of Witchcraft By Mary Warren

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    Abigail and the other girls were being accused of witchcraft by Mary Warren. Mary reveals that she saved Elizabeth's life and she also was accused in court. Elizabeth realized that Abigail had wanted her dead. Proctor had told her that he will find Ezekiel the next day and tell him what Abigail had said, but Elizabeth thinks that he needs to go now. . Elizabeth believes Abigail wants her dead so that she can have John all to herself. . Proctor told everyone that there is was no witchcraft happening

  • Mary Warren Quotes

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    Mary Warren; is an 18-year-old girl who wanted nothing more than to be seen in her conservative society, which led to the atrocities of the Salem Witch trials. Mary Warren's false testimony helped to prolong the witch trials and served as a reminder of the consequences of lies and deception. The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller in 1953, it is set in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials. The play focuses on the consequences of hysteria and attempts to expose the

  • Mary Warren Quotes

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    by Arther Miller, the character Mary Warren who is the housemaid to John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor, and is also one of the girls who accuses people of witchcraft is seen as untrustworthy. No doubt because she changes sides throughout the book and will lie to get people to not question her or dislike her. Mary Warren proves herself to be a wildcard. Certainly, Mary Warren is a wildcard because she changes her opinion to please Abigail. To start, Mary Warren wants to confess how the girls were

  • Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    In “ The Crucible, “ Miller uses the character Mary Warren to describe the confusion, anxiety, and peer pressure that the people of Salem felt at the time and to further put the audience in the shoes of one living in this crucial time in early history. Mary Warren is a vital character because she demonstrates an accurate illustration of how young women in this time period get peer pressured into committing crimes against innocent people. The author goes on to give insight to how a young woman in

  • Mary Warren Influence

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    wrote the character of Mary Warren to be coerced into two differing conflicts driven by her obligations and influences in acts two and three, just as Sterne’s quote describes. Throughout the play, the character of Mary Warren was pulled by the compelling influences and obligations put on her by John Proctor and Abigail Williams; this relates to the theme of power and what people do for it that was presented throughout the play. Furthermore, in acts two and three Mary Warren was obligated to help John

  • Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    characters are John Proctor, Mary Warren, and Abigail Williams. The first character in Miller's play that proves the significance of the title is John Proctor. John Proctor was faced with an abundant amount of guilt. He was faced with this guilt due to his affair with Abigail Williams. He

  • Examples Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    Mary Warren is a selfish fearful liar. Exposition (Background Information): In the 1950s, Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible because he was inspired by the Red Scare and the mass hysteria it caused. During the Red Scare Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, would target and accused American citizens of being communists, including Arther Miller. Thesis: In The Crucible, I believe that Mary Warren could have ended the mass hysteria in Salem by telling the truth to Danforth, pretending to faint in court

  • Mary Warren: Who's To Blame?

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    contemplate the worth of a life. The life of Mary Warren; a petrified child standing here as a murderer. At her hand many innocent people were killed. Nevertheless, she was the only girl to have attempted to change the ways of the court. Isolating herself in faith that the court would surrender and abandon the principles of eradication. Shall we punish her with the same fate as to what she was convicted? Does any life hold more worth than another? If Mary Warren hangs for her crimes, then our hands are

  • Mary Warren The Crucible Essay

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    So, she was mostly left out of the picture. Until Abigail and the legend of witches came along. Under pressure and the blame of the village, Mary Warren broke. She fell apart revealing the lies she was hiding. When anyone grows up in a place like Salem, perjury can become easy to manipulate. Mary found ways to twist the truth in subtle ways to keep out of danger. This was Mary's representation of “Herd behavior”. She learned to create a fake self. She created ways to

  • Examples Of Mary Warren In The Crucible

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    The Innocence of Mary Warren In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller there are many characters that are accused and prosecuted even though they are innocent. In fact most if not all of these people were innocent for what they were being accused of. The person who deserved these false accusations the least was Mary Warren. Now I’m not say that Mary was innocent of everything bad because she did make many poor decisions. Like lying in court. “She only pretended to faint” (1329), says Proctor to Danforth