The Crucible Mary Warren Character Analysis

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Character Analysis of The Crucible

The Crucible is a play about the Salem witch trials, written by Arthur Miller. John Proctor is the protagonist character in the play. He is married to Elizabeth Proctor and they have three small children. Mary Warren was the Procter family maid. She is an important character in the play because she is the girl who gets Elizabeth accused of witchcraft and put in jail. John Proctor is a hardworking, yet stubborn character and Mary Warren is a scared and disobedient maid.

John Proctor was the most stubborn and hardworking character in the play. He is married to Elizabeth and they have three young boys, but he also cheated on his wife with Abigail Williams. When Reverend Hale comes to Salem to help with the trials, he confronts John on the fact that only two of the three children are baptized and that he is rarely in church on the Sabbath day. John is a very stubborn man, but he is very hardworking. John Proctor said, "I were planting far out to the forest edge" (Miller 52). …show more content…

She gets caught performing witchcraft in the woods with Abigail and Tituba in act one of the play. Mary Warren comes off as a innocent and easy going character, until the story unfolds. She then shows what some would her true colors. She proves how disobedient, sneaky, and scared she actually is. She sewed a poppet for John Proctors wife while she was in court and left the needle in her stomach. Later on, Abigail fell out of her chair at diner claiming to be stabbed in the stomach. Reverend Hale goes to the Proctor home only to discover Elizabeth's poppet had a needle stuck in its stomach. This led him to believe Elizabeth had a voodoo doll and was in fact performing witchcraft. Mary Warren proves she is in fact a scared character when John Proctor instructs her to go inform the court his wife is innocent and she refuses to, stating, “I cannot, they’ll turn on me” (Miller

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