Injustice In The Crucible Essay

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Although, many people that were condemned weren’t actually apart of the Communist Party, (under McCarthyism around 1950-1954) they got blacklisted or lost their jobs. This social injustice is also portrayed in The Crucible as its characters face the Salem Witch Trials. Arthur Miller wrote The Crucible as his own reaction to the injustice of McCarthyism. Miller’s purpose was to show how people accused each other with false denunciations because of their fear, jealousy and solely hatred of one another under McCarthyism. Miller illustrates the process of the false accusations based on fear through one of the protagonists Abigail. Abigail is a young girl who gets caught dancing and doing suspicious actions with her friends in the forest by her …show more content…

Mary Warren is a young girl who is a servant for the Proctors. Mary is the one who made the poppet for Elizabeth and put the needle into the poppet. Because she is the only one who can prove that Elizabeth is innocent and get her out of jail, John Proctor forces her to testify in court despite the fact that Mary is terrified of Abigail. Due to the actions of Abigail that pressure Mary to lie, she accuses John Proctor as she says “‘my name, her want my name. I’ll murder you, he says, if my wife hangs! We must go and overthrow the court, he says!’” (Miller 119). Miller gives insight into how the accusations around 1950-1954 may have also included the pressure of higher authority forcing someone (of the lower authority) with power, money, and etc. to testify false accusations. The author presents an interesting story that mirrors and represents a different time period, displaying the social injustice of people as they are motivated by fear, jealousy, hatred of one another, and more. Miller’s purpose of The Crucible was to represent and mirror the social injustice under McCarthyism as people falsely accused each other because their fear, jealousy and solely hatred of one another. Although, around 1950-1954 the “innocent until proven guilty” clause existed, most trials and accusations were led by “guilty until proven innocent.” Despite Miller’s efforts to criticise people’s actions as

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