Mary Warren In The Crucible

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In “ The Crucible, “ Miller uses the character Mary Warren to describe the confusion, anxiety, and peer pressure that the people of Salem felt at the time and to further put the audience in the shoes of one living in this crucial time in early history. Mary Warren is a vital character because she demonstrates an accurate illustration of how young women in this time period get peer pressured into committing crimes against innocent people. The author goes on to give insight to how a young woman in that situation might have lived and realistic experiences someone might have went through. The reader can learn lifelong lessons and themes from the role of Mary Warren because of the facts the things she did resembles a lot of recurring crimes faced today. In the beginning Mary comes off as a kind and well spoken young woman who tries to live life with moralistic principles guiding her. Mary is presented as a good hearted, hardworking, and naive young lady. The author gives the audience the idea of innocence as one of Mary’s earliest traits to show she is similar to the reader and to establish a connection to him/her. Examples of this would be Mary helping the proctors in house cleaning regularly despite being a court official. In Act 1 Mary states “I’ll …show more content…

The author finally uses Mary’s character to show how something so simple like temptation of a taboo can lead a reoccuring theme in history. An example would be, “Abigail, now staring full front as though hypnotized, and mimicking the exact tone of Mary Warren’s cry: She sees nothin’!Mary Warren, pleading: Abby, you mustn’t! Abigail AND All THE Girls, all transfixed: Abby, you mustn’t! MARY Warren, to all the girls: I’m here, I'm here! Girls: I’m here, I’m here! DAnFoRth, horrified: Mary Warren! Draw back your spirit out of them!”( Miller 115-116). This teaches a strong lesson why you should do things out of peer pressure that is morally wrong because it is socially

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