Personal Narrative: Chamblee Charter High School

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High school was a roller coaster ride for me, from the endless fun of parties to the minor breakdowns and panic attacks that would land myself in the hospital. The pressure and stress got to me and the fact that failing out of the school that I’ve been going to for twelve years with long life friends was coming to an end. Now that I look back at it though it might have been the best decision for my well-being because then I would of not been able to meet the people that I met at Chamblee Charter High School. You would think moving from a private to a public school would be a big cultural shock, you are very correct. Atlanta International School, which was the school I went for basically my whole life, was a very open minded, well rounded, and accepting establishment since the most of the students where from all over the world. Unlike Chamblee which was, as us teenagers call it, ghetto and ratchet, but that did not really bother me at all. It kind of made me feel like it was where I needed to be to grow as a person and helped me meet the people who I can call family to this day. I never would of thought that Christian and I would become this close I can remember it like it was yesterday …show more content…

Since he would always try to get into my pants he would invite a couple of my friends and I to play beer pong at his house. Beer pong is very serious for a couple of us because we play tournaments for money and are actually pretty good at it. I’m always the best shit talker on the table as well. Back to the point, he would invite us but his girlfriend would be there as well and he would still try to flirt. After countless rejections over time we just kept close because he was just so easy to talk to and he we would be playing beer pong almost every weekend so we were together for most of the part. Then we started opening up to each other and helping each other out on problems that we never knew we had from each

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