Summary Of The Autobiography Of Ketoria Wilkins

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The autobiography of Ketoria Wilkins

This is a story about me named Ketoria Wilkins. I’m trying to become want I want to become but for now I’m going to work on my education work and dream. This story is based on a true story of my whole life. I will tell you more you read the book.
Early life I was born in 2003 November 7th in Chicago. When first started to walk I was 9 months old. My first word was mom and I was 11 months old. I got petty trained at 1 and half as I got a little older I went to daycare. The daycare was called sunshine daycare. My favorite toy to play with was my teddy bear. I had a brother named Derick when I was 3 years old. Then we moved from Chicago to Iowa. When I was 5 years old had another brother.
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I started off in the 9th grade I was tall and pretty. Some of my friends was here other were at a different school. My class were fun. I was a party girl. I had invited the whole school to my pool party. That was the best day of my life. 10th grade was not as cool as 9th grade. 10th these people would stare at me like in a mean until I find out that it was this mean girl in school she hated every one and she had two girls that would walk with her everywhere she went. The girls looked mean. One day as I was walking down the hall and one of the girl tried to trip me and they missed and I trip her and she started crying fake crying. I got send to the office and I got in trouble and my birthday was coming up so what I did was went I out to eat with some of my friend and that was the end of the 10th grade. The 11th and other year and I’m on to college. So in the 11th grade I moved to Atlanta. So I went to this high school in it was called Washington High School. It was the biggest high school I ever seen. There was a lot on kids and I was tall in the 11th grade I seen class and everything. Everyone was so nice and friendly. Could find my class in this girls help me to math class because she was going to the same class then I look on my paper to see if had any other classes with her and I had to more and that was science and reading and she look like me best friend Charnae somewhere but never told so I asked what was her name I she said Charnae …show more content…

I went online and made meeting. So I got the job and the reason I want to be a lawyer was because it made a lot of money. So I started on my trying to get some to get this big house for a lot of money. I was like ten different people and nun really want it until this man he looked like he was rich. And I should him around and he said he take the house. I was so happy this job is the best in my life right. And he look pretty cute so asked him was he single and he said and he was rich he signed his name was Jaquan titman and I told my name then he asked me on a date and we got each other phone number so we started talking every other because I had to work. Then we started dating. (A couple years later). Family So we lived in the same house he had a job and I had I job so he was gone a lot and when I had days off I would go on tour with him. We diced that we didn’t want any kid’s because we need to focus on everything else. So I was about 40 and he was bout 43. I was getting so old and I retired.
I would stay at home Jaquan would go get my glories and cook for me. I was 70 years and I would stay in the house and watch tv and so would Jaquan and later my husband died. I stayed I alive until I was 98 then It was

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