Personal Narrative: Child Protective Services

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Well...I was 6 when Child Protective Services came to get us. I lived with my mom and my three sisters, the youngest was Donna she was 5 & Lizzy was 7 and Mary was 10. I remember most of my family lived in the same neighborhood like my two Aunts and my uncle and grandpa and grandma. There was an occasional gunshot, sometimes there was a fire truck rushing down our street . We lived on top of a hill at 1015 Norwich in Grand Rapids. I still remember every detail of the house we lived in. You had to walk up 12 stairs to get to the porch, it was pretty much my daily exercise. When you walk in the front door and look straight ahead, you can see the living room,dining room,and kitchen. When you get to the dining room, and take a right there…show more content…
But the second week we were there we started school at Brookside Elementary it was a way we could escape from that sinister house. Every time I would try and go to sleep at night i would hear tapping on the walls and the room was small and dark.I ended meeting one of my cousins there that would see my mom a lot he would tell us about what she 's been up too. I found out my mom took it hard when she lost us she started drinking and doing drugs I didn 't really know what drugs were at my age but I figured it was bad. I really missed my mom like really bad but eventually we got to see her we went to that building again and they put us in a small room and she walked in we jumped on her and yelled “Mommy” I was so happy the first time i had seen her in three weeks. We told her about everything that had happened so far she sounded mad when she said “I 'm going to get you back i promise.” When I hugged her, it was like hugging the world she meant everything to me I never wanted to let go of her it felt amazing.But we only got an hour with her…show more content…
My favorite teacher Mrs. Bosmeijer was the only person I could really talk to besides Mary but she got kicked out of the foster home and got sent to her dad, Because Our foster mom said she was touching me and my sisters but when in reality it was her older son and she knew that she didn 't stop him or tell the CPS workers who it really was. Without Mary everything was turned upside down she was the one that made sure we got fed when the foster mom wasn 't there and she made sure we got to school on time. I don 't remember much of the foster home besides when she hit us and other bad stuff .I don 't even remember when I got to go home i just know that it was right before i turned 9 that I got to go home. My older sister didn’t get to come home from her dad’s until she was 15. But yeah that 's the story of foster care. And if you were wondering, Mary has a different dad than

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