Personal Narrative: Why I Give You Up For Adoption

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Before iI was adopted I was treated like crap. I was abused and was stuck in my room all the time. I could not come out. I was miserable.I would run away because I was afraid, but end up always getting caught by the police and put back in the home. I was put in several foster care home and several group homes the foster care homes treated me like another kid on the block . the group homes were nice they provided me with a place to live and a education my mom would come visit me once a month check on me and then live tell next visit My second chance finally came when my mom gave me up for adoption. My cousin was the one who actually adopted me, and I found the light at the end of the tunnel. I was so happy I was free, and I was stuck in my room. It was more then nice because I got to have freedom and a real family. For a while I really was confused about why my mom gave me up for adoption and then I heard from her mouth the reason why i gave you up for adoption is because you were to much to handle i felt down when …show more content…

My belief is that second chance can happen and it did happen to me i'm a live example of what a second chance looks like i think that maybe if other people get a second chance maybe their life will change maybe if they give someone a second chance maybe it will end up like my experience who knows i realised that a second chance can end up to be a miracle and now that i've seen that second chance happen i'm willing to give anyone as second chance now matter how much i try not to forgive them ive always look back to the time i got a second chance and then i give them that second chance even though i don't want to i still give it to them because i want to let them know second chances can become a miracle that will last forever and ever and ever like mine did and now i think of it every day that sometimes second chances can happen and it will happen forever and ever and ever and ever because second chances can happen all the

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