Personal Narrative: The Day I Gave Birth To My Daugther

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My essay is going to be about the day I gave birth to my daugther. Febubary 27,2015 will alwaysbe a day to remember for me. I woke and it was a regular day just waiting for my daugther to decide it was time to come out. i had went to starbucks with my sister , mom , and sister in law on my way back home i started feeling uncomfortable. We got back home and waited around.My mom and sister started running around getting things ready because it was time to head out to the hospital it was bbay time. My contractions werent that bad till i got in thecar ride it was horrible i remeber i almost started crying from the excrutiating pain i was in. I remember getting to the hospital and 2 hours later doctors and nurses where rushing and it was because

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