Titanic Narrative Essay

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I still remember July 31, 2015 like it was yesterday. I was lying in bed at five in the morning, contemplating the day I had ahead of me on a warm summer morning. Hearing a knock on my bedroom door, my mom walked in and whispered that she was leaving for the hospital with my dad. All I could manage to do was hug her. My mom was scheduled to be induced to have my youngest brother, Andrew. Throughout her pregnancy, numerous concerns arose due to her age. Thankfully, Aunt Joy from Florida offered to help while Mom was in the hospital and after. Joy arrived at my house that morning and we both decided to watch Titanic, one of my favorite movies. I knew it a definite potential of calming me down, although I was quite mistaken. Every five minutes I was looking down at my phone, anticipating to see a message from my dad. After twenty minutes of constant anxiety filling the room, Joy jumped out of her seat and decided to take us all on a shopping trip. Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies, so I was first to accept this much needed trip of enjoyment. I knew I could never make it through the day sitting at home staring at a blank screen. Later that morning, we arrived at Gordmans and paced through the store looking for bargains. I tried to shop, but was too distracted. Finding a chair, I sat and hoped my mom was doing okay. Finally my dad called and told Joy that my mom was rushed to the emergency room for a C-section. An overwhelming sense of panic ran through my body. I became

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