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Alyssa Stongle
Session 1 - Journal
Throughout all my 26 years, I have done a lot of really diverse, amazing things in my life. Starting out with dance when I was about 5, I continued to be in dance companies throughout my younger years. Then, while in middle school and high school,
I was on a competitive dance company which really was the highlight of my life. I did a lot of volunteer work in high school as well as joining cheerleading, the diving team,
FBLA, made honors in choir becoming a regional choir member and then going on to join all-state honor choir which is an absolute gem in itself to be a part of. After high school, I decided that going straight to college wasn’t the right path for me at the time.
I wanted to sing and dance. Then my …show more content…

Checking into the hospital at 3:08 AM, only to wait another 12 hours on the nose to have this long awaited baby. The family started showing up, the nurses started preparing me, and at 2:40 PM, it was time.
Finally, here I was, at 3:08PM on the dot, Alyssa Stongle was the newest mommy at the hospital. Right then and there, I knew why my body was going through changes.
I knew exactly what my life was going to be like. It was right then, I had grown up. My purpose on this earth was to give birth to this beyond beautiful, Healthy baby boy and raise the best gentleman I possibly could. My heart is beating at a whole new beat and it beats for this little human being I am so blessed to call mine.
What, you ask, will influence my academic work and goals while in my duration here at Colorado Christian University? My son, Deason Christopher is my ‘Why’. His bright spirit every day gives me strength to get out of bed. His innocent courage gives my eye sight a whole new perspective on life, human beings, and adventures. Not only am I trying to teach him every day, but he is teaching me and he will be my motivation to

give this degree everything I’ve got. I want him to be proud of his mommy. One day

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