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  • Essay On Performance Art

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    The concept of performance art is discipline within the artistic world or practice that involves an individual or people undertaking an action or actions within a given time frame in a particular space or place before an audience. The key aspect of this kind of art and the execution process is the live presence of the artists and real actions of their bodies to create and display a transient experience to the subject. A known trait of performance art is the aspect of the body being considered a soled

  • Cake's Performance Analysis

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    Cake’s performance at The Landing Festival convinced the audience to love them madly. They were the main act of the day, and rightfully so. Despite John McCrea’s case of bronchitis, Cake’s performance at the inaugural year of the festival, held on September 26-27, 2015, at the South Shore Marina in New Orleans, was unforgettable. The performance was largely unaffected by the ailment suffered by the lead singer, Cake still managed to leave the audience in awe after the show. This show was enjoyed

  • Religion In Performance Art

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    of these works of art ask audiences to partake in the “suspension of disbelief.” This concept can best be defined as the act of an audience putting preconceived knowledge regarding the fundamentals of reality on hold while consuming some form of performance art,

  • Dance Performance Evaluation

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    your own performance. How did it go? What could have gone better? Overall, I think my group and I executed a successful final performance on stage. I think we communicated the theme of our dance to our audience very well by using the five elements of dance (relationship, body, energy, space, and time) effectively. Throughout the performance, there were aspects of the dance that were showcased excellently, as well as, aspects that needed some improvement for further future performances. After practicing

  • Nutcracker Dance Performance

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    I went the performance of The Nutcracker by Ballet West. The theme of the concert was the Nutcracker/Christmas. I saw this concert because I wanted to see a Christmas dance and a profession dance with profession dancers. Before the show started they dimmed the lights in the audience and when the show started they lit the stage up. The costumes in the show were a mouse in a normal mouse costume, a bear in a normal bear costume, the snowflakes in light blue dresses, the snow queen and king where dressed

  • Dance Performance Review Essay

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    Sylphide”, “the Window Scene”, “the Death Scene”, “Excerpts from Napoli”, “Pas de Deux”, “the Tarantella”. The cast of this performance consisted of four soloist: Kizzy Matiakis, Nikolaj Hansen, Alban Lendorf, and Alexander Staeger; as well as six principal dancers: Susanne Grinder, Gudrun Bosjessn, Amy Watson, Jean-Lucien Massot, Thomas Lund, and Ulrik Birkkjaer. Watching a performance from a computer screen was a different type of experience that I was not expecting. Hearing insights from the Artistic

  • Saakumu Dance Performance Essay

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    The Saakumu Dance Troupe from Ghana, Africa came to Bloomington, Indiana this weekend. Saturday, March 4th the performed a live performance at The Player’s Pub. It began a little after two in the afternoon and lasted for around an hour and a half. Before the performance begun, the environment was relaxed and rather non-energetic. The design of the event space was somewhat of a Mardi Gras theme. There were beads, masks, and purple, green, and gold painted objects scattered on the walls. The tables

  • Ethel Merman Performance Evaluation

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    singer known for her many theatrical performances, especially her role as Rose in Gypsy. I reviewed a performance in which she sang Some People from Gypsy and had several duets with Fred Astaire. This was a quick and comedic performance, that was quite enjoyable to review. I believe that Ethel Merman was a true star shown in her volume, use of air, unique tone quality, posture, diction, and range that all strive towards the typical broadway bold and strong performance. Ethel Merman’s voice could be

  • Jazz Performance Review Essay

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    Performance Reviews Winter 2018 1st Review The first concert I went to was more of a rehearsal, but it was awesome to listen to the music they play. At first, when I took this class I was not aware that jazz music included people singing. So when I went to go see them I was surprised to see people signing. The performance from Jazz Ensemble was at PSU in Cramer building. The instruments they played were different because bass guitar showed up and replaced the upright bass. Which it still sounded

  • Pursuing Musical Theatre Performance

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    stare blankly at a prompt questioning why I have decided to pursue Musical Theatre performance. I may easily choose the route to pour out my boundless passion into a five hundred word essay, only to be shuffled along with the thousands of other monotonous essays that I’m assured file through the records of XYZ’s college admission offices. Simply put, many people believe that studying the art of Musical Theatre Performance is not a practical profession, and that aspiring pupils are so blinded by their

  • Groundworks Dance Performance Analysis

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    choreography was designed by Lynne Taylor- Corbett, David Shimotakahara, Kate Weare, and she was assisted by Douglas Gillespie. The incredibly athletic dancers were, Felise Bagley, Lauren Garson, Damien Highfield, Michael Marquez and Annika Sheaff. The performance was a unique experience to see and the dancers were unbelievable talented. The first dance was titled Unpublished Dialogues. It was about Virginia Woolf who was very smart but was mentally ill. The dance was choreographed by Lynne Taylor-Corbett

  • Live Concert Performance Analysis

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    Live Concert Performance Review: Live On 88 Keys Edy Martinez I had the pleasure of watching the extremely talented pianist Edy Martinez play live. Edy is a known pianist, composer, musical director, and arranger. He has accompanied Tito Puentes as a musical director and has played with Celia Cruz. Ordinarily, Edy plays with his jazz orchestra, but tonight it was just him and his keys. His only instrument was a piano keyboard. His performance took place at a hidden jazz club called

  • Personal Narrative: Stage Performance

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    I have always felt self-conscious in front of large groups ever since that incident in second grade, where I fell face first on to the floor during a stage performance. Oh no, is it happening all over again? I felt my whole world spin around me as I walked up to the center of the stage for our last individual performances in our junior high life. May 25th, 2012; that was the date shown on my white, bulky watch as I inched closer to the mic stand; I just wanted it to end already. Music has always

  • Swot Analysis Of Dance Performance

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    focused, and determined performer, particularly in a rehearsal setting. I am good at taking direction and willing to try new techniques and methods to see how they can further my training. You have to be open to new and challenging things within the performance industry, because you may find something extremely beneficial for you that makes you even stronger in the field. I have a strong

  • Performance Appraisal

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    PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Performance appraisal is the process of assessing the performance and progress of an employee or a group of employees on a given job and his potential for future development. It consists of all formal procedures used in working organization to evaluate personalities, contributions, and potentials of employees Since organisation exist to achieve goals, the degree of success that individual employees have in reaching their individuals goals is important in determining organizational

  • Philip Auslander's Liveness: Performance In A Mediatized Culture

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    Auslander’s Liveness: Performance in a Mediatized Culture, Auslander argues that society should rethink its opinion on the concept of “liveness,” especially in relation to media. In his argument, Auslander declares that mediatization and liveness are not contrary, but rather reciprocal concepts, that are interdependent on one. Auslander suggests that it is beneficial for us to critically appraise live performance as more authentic – and that the authenticism of performance lies in the recording

  • Spring Concert Review Essay On Dance Performance

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    independently. The music of the routine was a series of voices from thoughts and words from different people. The dance gradually developed a quicker pace, as the sounds of the voices became faster and full sentences pieced together. At the end of the performance, the music stopped and each dancer stood across the stage individually making a movement, then stating the phrase, “I’m (name) and I am (blank)” along with their own move. When they were finished, the audience finished the dance by participating

  • The Importance Of Performance Appraisals

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    engage in employee performance appraisals. Successful organizations understand the importance of incorporating performance appraisals into their performance management process and strategy. Other organizations simply conduct the activity to make sure that they have a piece of paper in the employee’s file. This paper is going to focus on how performance appraisal can contribute to employee’s performance. Some of the elements here include: Strategic advantages of the performance evaluation, potential

  • Concepts Of Performance Essay

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    3.1 INTRODUCTION: CONCEPT OF PERFORMANCE: Performance is individual successful criteria in their work. And usually calculate person output rate (e.g., sales or production) or evaluate the success rate compared to expectations of organizational (Kazemi, Abbas 2002).Human performance is defined as a result of the actions set to achieve that goal based on a specific standard. That may include actions or behaviour of all non-observable mental processing (e.g., problem solving, decision-making, program

  • Performance Appraisal Paper

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    Performance appraisals at any police agency have two goals: “to ensure that employees are aware of the expectations the organization has of them, and to and to assess their activities and performance accordingly” (Chapman & Newsom, 2008, par. 1). With the surge in community policing across the country, it is imperative that agencies adapt their performance appraisals to include community policing standards as well the tradition ones that are still used (Chapman & Newsom, 2008). This way, agencies