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From the moment the audaciously charismatic Rosemary LeVeaux paraded into what was then Coal Valley, I was fully enamored with the actress who created such a polarizing character. It seemed that either you liked Rosie, or you hated her; there was no in-between. As Pascale Hutton has continued with the cast, we have begun to witness the transformation of Rosemary, and from season two onward, I have declared Rosemary and Lee my most treasured couple. Pascale is truly one of my favorite actresses, and I was privileged to chat with her recently, and for me, it was a dream come true. (You should have heard the emotion and excitement that permeated my voice!)

RH: Pascale, it is so nice to finally be able to talk to you and make this connection. So many people have left comments for you and have been very excited about this interview.

PH: Oh, that 's so nice, Ruth. Nice to get to talk to you, too.

Honestly, I was one of the people even back in season one who liked Rosemary.

You 're one of the few. Hearties took some winning over when it came to Rosemary.

I got to interview Kavan {Smith} back in December, and like I told him, you two are my favorite couple on the show. While we …show more content…

The thing was that I grew up in a small town, so the idea that I would do this as a profession didn 't really enter my awareness at all. It did not seem like a plausible path to take. But I went to the university and got a BFA {Bachelor of Fine Arts} in acting. That was really a conservatory program where you were training to become a professional actor. It was not going to be just a hobby. You took no other classes except for acting classes, and so that 's what I did. And then when I came out, I thought I was going to be a theater actor 'cause that 's what all my training was in. It was just happenstance that an agent saw me perform and wanted to sign me. I was sent out on auditions, and I started getting work in film and TV. I think the style and format of film and TV suits

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