Gwen Harwood Monologue

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Do you ever just feel like ripping someone limb from limb and tearing into their flesh? Oh, of course you have. My urge to do so continues to grow, stronger and stronger every day. Ever since I bit that little girl, white padded walls are all I see. White padded walls day in, day out. White padded walls every day of the week. I put my ear against the wall, I listen. I can hear them saying I’m suffering from some disease, they’re calling ME crazy. Why, I’m the only sane one here. They’re the ones that are crazy don’t you agree? Yes of course you do. You always do, you’re the only one that’s been here for me this entire time. …although I can’t seem to remember how you got here…but never mind that, it’s not important. Oh, what’s that? They’re talking again. They’re coming to take me away! …show more content…

I can hear the footsteps coming. Closer. So close. I hear the rattling of the keys as someone drops them, at the front of my door. The door creaks open, I see them, two men… they look so tasty. They’re picking me up and dragging me down the hall. We finally stop, I hear another door open, I look up and the only thing in the room is a table tilted at a seventy-five degree angle. They are pinning me against the table, please speak up, you’re never this quiet. Ow, these freaking straps hurt. I’m starting to get mad. They won’t like me when I’m mad. The man on the left… he’s getting them too tight. As he does the strap on my arm I whip my head over, and rip out a chunk of his cheek. He screams in terror, and shock. I hear another muffled scream; I look up and see a mirror. Oh now this is fun, it seems we have an

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