Jack Hileman Monologue

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Right now I am on a plane headed to Europe. With me are Jack Hileman,John Shleinz,Grant Williams,Nathan Jolly,and David Beilin. We are almost over the Amazon,when the plane begins to shake then fall. Grant screamed, “What are we going to do?” Nathan shouted in response, “I don’t know you tell me wise guy.” I was thinking to myself that we were going to die. John comes over to me with a floatation device. John was resourceful like that. To save ourselves we all decided to jump out of the plane. When we were out of the plane we decided to swim to the Amazon for safety.

After we were on the island,I started looking for supplies,because I had a feeling that we were going to be here for a while. After a few hours it was getting dark out. By then we had all of the supplies we needed,except firewood. It was Grant’s job to find some. Grant said,”I’m telling you there is no firewood.” John walks by us carrying a huge pile of firewood. “Showoff”,Grant mutters under his breath. I say”Alright everybody let’s get some shut eye,and tomorrow we …show more content…

suddenly a toucan (a large colorful bird) grabs my plants. Jack climbs a tree and grabs some more for me. Then he starts acting like a spider monkey by eating berries and hanging upside down. “Get down from there”,I shout at him. “Okay”, Jack says cooly. Out of the corner of my eye I see Bishop with some goons. Bishop says angrily, “I told you to get off my island,now you are going to pay the price!” I pick up a large stick and hit Bishop in the face. Nathan cuts one with a metal shard. John hits one with a small log. Jack gets a goon tangled in a vine. Grant kicks on off of a tree,then he falls off the tree himself. Jack picks up Grant and runs away with the rest of us. I hear something fall, and I turn around to see John doubled up on the ground dead from an arrow in the back. I almost throw up from the look of it. We all run into a bushy

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