Alex Monologue

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Now that Alex’s [so far lifelong] disease has been cured, he is playing out side. Some of the boys his age were playing with some round object that Alex had never seen. He went to go sit near a tree, when he sat down he found one near him. He reached over to pick it up. Being the observer he is he wrote down in his, observation note book, some facts.
- round
- white
- red
- stitches
He then used some of his senses to try to figure out what this strange object was. He went to smell it he noted that it smelled musty, and like dirt. From that basis he dared not to try to taste
It. He felt it, it felt smooth, but had a tough surface as well, its stitches were rough, and red. He still couldn’t figure out what it was. Then one of the boys whom had been playing with this strange object came over to sit with Alex. He said his name was Henry and he was 12 years old. Alex was glad to meet a boy his age. Henry introduced Alex to the rest of the boys. They all seemed to really enjoy this round object. They hit it with big wooden sticks that were fat and round at one end and slimmer at the other. Then some of the other boys would try to catch it with what Alex learned was called a glove, and while this happened the boy with the big stick would run around three bases then back to where he began, if he made it they called it a home-run if not he was out or stuck on a base. Alex had observed this game for a while he now wanted to try it. Henry said that he could be on his …show more content…

After recapping his day he told his mother that the strange object in which he found by the tree was called a baseball, and that the game they played was called a baseball game. He later found out that at the school in his town they had a baseball team. After joining the team and making it through high school he joined the professional baseball league. This is a fictional story about a sick observative boy finding a passion and following

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