Baseball History

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Nowadays, many people don 't know where an important piece of history originated from. Although much of it dates back to a couple 100 years ago, such as in sports. Many of the sports popular today have their roots coming from the late 19th century. Though for many of the sports today, many of them are part of people 's lives and dedicate their time to it not just for fun but for the love of the game. Like for Boxing and Baseball they 're not easy sports to learn, but for some people it comes naturally. Many of today 's athletes dedicate their time to just get better and be the best. It 's just only competitive. Boxing is the art of the glove fist fighting between two opponents in an elevated ring-typically a square, canvas-covered mat …show more content…

Baseball is a ball game played between two teams with nine players on the field played on a diamond-shape circuit of four bases. In the early 1800s baseball was played under the Knickerbocker rules. There were four bases, same system for foul balls, but the ball and to be pitched underhand. The game was starting to revolutionize towards the late 1800s. A man by the name of Ross Barnes was one of the stars of baseball 's National Association. He played second base and short and played for one of the most dominant teams the Boston Red Stockings in the 1870s. In 1872 he was hitting a batting average of .432 with 99 base hits and 28 doubles where he led the association. He also established the single season record for runs per game which still stands today. A couple of years later he ended up getting a fever and ever since that he couldn 't recover and play his best baseball. After 1876 he never hit a bat again, he retired at the age of 31 Ross hit his first home run in national league history on May 2, 1876. Nowadays, baseball has involved not just only on the pace of the game but in technology. Like for catchers they use helmets that cover their face, padding, gloves, and the ball. Even players have advanced. Miguel Cabrera is a professional Venezuelan baseball player who plays for the Detroit Tigers. For most of his career, he has played first base. Miguel has won many awards such as the MVP and being a MLB all-star ten times. One of his most recognized awards is …show more content…

Many of our sports have evolved in different ways today. To some it 's more than just a sport. It has evolved to where some dedicate all their time to and some its just what they grown around with. From all the way back to the 1800s to today have made the game a lot safer. It also has brought many crowds of people from all over the world. Sports can even bring a whole

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