Sacramento High School Baseball History Essay

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Leonardo Muro-Garcia
Professor Benjamin Dally
English 5 (Section 2)
October 23rd, 2015
Sacramento High School Baseball
Baseball History:
The first organized game was played in Hoboken, New Jersey, on June 19, 1846. The Knickerbockers faced a team called the New York Nines, who won the game 23 to 1.The baseball we play today still follows many of the rules Cartwright thought up in 1845. (Creative Classroom April/May 1990)
According to Erik Borg, a “discourse community” is a community where the “members actively share goals and communicate with other members to pursue those goals” (398). A discourse community I took part of was my High School’s Varsity Baseball Team.
Sacramento High’s Baseball team was very competitive, due to the fact that it was the least favored sport at Sac High, so we were always trying to prove ourselves better than any other sport. We had to do many things in order to try and get fans to come out and watch us play. The team consisted of six-teen players and four coaches whom worked extremely hard the past four years to finally earn the title of Champions. …show more content…

He had great communication with the sports director to make sure he scheduled games for us and that we had adequate funds to be able to have transportation to and from games. Then there was the Pitching Coach “Kirk Crump” whom basically made sure that the pitchers on the team “perfected” their pitching and that the pitchers were not injured. Finally, we had the Infield Coach “Tim Vogues” who made sure that the infield was doing their job, and the Outfield Coach “Jermaine Jordan” who made sure that the outfield was doing their

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