Ap Piper Monologue

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APiper dropped the paper bag on the granite kitchen counter, balancing her cell between her shoulder and the crook of her neck and continuing her conversation while she began unpacking the numerous bags of groceries. • You have to go with us, Diane - Piper protested into the phone while pushing almond milk into the fridge- Alex won’t enjoy her birthday if you aren’t there. • I’m sure Al with prefer to spend a romantic couple of days with her girlfriend – Diane replied sarcastically with a snort – than having her mother tag along. • We traveled a lot this year. – Piper coaxed – and you know how much Alex hates the cold. It’s only 8 nights and you will love Cancun and the Rivera Maya. • Alex was working. Is not the same, kid – Diane grumbled …show more content…

– Diane probed in a gentler tone. • No, they will be visiting my brother and his fiancée in Minnesota- Piper countered, taking things slowly out of the bags. - If you don’t want to come I will have to cancel and plan something else for Al’s birthday. • Ok, fine! – Diane exclaimed, smirking into the phone – just, please you cut out the fucking guilt trip – Diane said, rolling her eyes - When are you going to tell her? • She’s going to be very happy that you are coming with us!!! - Piper pronounced, smiling into the phone – I will tell the day we leave before taking a late flight. What do you think? • Good idea – Diane replied, smiling – Let’s see if Alex doesn’t suspect it. You know she can smell secrets and bullshit a mile away. • I have been extremely careful – Piper stated, beaming and starting the dishwasher -- Do you me to pick you up at the train station or you meet us at the airport… oh, I think she’s here. Talk to you later – Piper said, rushing to hang up and nonchalantly kept unpacking the groceries. • Hey - Alex shouted, taking off her coat, strolling to the kitchen and kissing her quickly on the lips before peaking in the bags and seeing only fruits & vegetables – I see you are serious about the

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