The Outsiders Monologue

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POV: SteveI never seen Sodapop look so...gloomy. He was always the happier one of the bunch, but ever since our gang has fallen...with deaths. First it was Johnny and Dally, then Darry and Ponyboy. His own brothers. Two-Bit was off somewhere with his children. Soda and I just stuck around on another. We were walking to see his brothers, in their graves. It was only a few years ago when they passed. Ponyboy smoked so much after Johnny and Dally's death. He eventually developed lung cancer. The last thing he did was give Soda a copy of his book, The Outsiders. Darry slipped on a loose shingle a few days after Pony died. He still had to work to support Soda and Him. He fell off the roof he was working on and broke his neck, and when I say it was …show more content…

I bent down to comfort him, rubbing his back in complicated swirls, just like how I did my hair. Soda kept crying, he was full of dirt, and so was I. But I didn't care, I’m a true friend. True friends do anything. He looked up at me with his dull eyes, once lively and brown, now dark and murky. His tear stained cheeks and his red puffy eyes just screamed grief. I didn't realize I was crying too until I felt a hot tear slide down my cheek. I pulled my friend into a embrace, he returned it, clutching onto me like a koala to it's mother. After a few calm breaths, he pulled out of the hug. He wiped his eyes on his jacket sleeve, and smiled a bit, “Thanks for always being there for me…”, Soda set the flowers down on his older and younger brothers graves, we stood up and walked out. Soda made some small talk about some random things as we left the depressing scene. I felt a cold breeze on my neck, and swore I heard voices. “Watch over my brother with all your life.”, That one was stern and cold just like

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