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“The Outsiders” is a novel written by S.E. Hinton. Originally Published in 1967, Hinton was only 18 when her novel hit the shelves. Instead of using her real name Susan Eloise Hinton, she used her initial’s so people wouldn’t know she was a girl making the book less desirable. The Outsiders is considered a cult classic and is typically assigned reading across the U.S. She always loved reading but did not like the books they had for young adults so she decided to write some herself. This paper is going to discuss expectation, description, comparison and review. The target audience for this book is teens and young adults making it a book chosen by middle school teachers for a class to read. So of course for most this book’s expectation was set …show more content…

Ponyboy’s parents died in a car crash leaving his oldest brother Darrel also known as Darry to take care of his two younger brothers. The middle brother Sodapop is always trying to keep Darry and Ponyboy from fighting. Darry has become more of a parent figure in in Ponyboys life causing a lot of tension between the two. Some of the other main characters are Johnny, Two-Bit, Dallas, and Steve. They are all Greasres and are coincided a gang but just think of each other as friends. One night Ponyboy Johnny and Dallas decided to go to the drive through movies. The boys sneak into the movies and being the trouble Dallas starts messing with these two Socs girls. Socs are kids who lived on the nicer side of town. They are the popular kids in school and they are more wealthy then the Greasers. Making the two fight and not get along. With Ponyboy and Johnny being the nice kids they are the tell Dallas to leave them along making get upset and leaving. After that the girls hang around with them for awhile until their boyfriends show up drunk and angry that two other guys are talking to their girls. The girls go home with them and Ponyboy and Johnny leave. Later that night they run into them again and they remember them starting a fight. Bob one of the Socs gets killed in the fight by Johnny in fear that he was going to kill Ponyboy. The boys are then on the run in fear that they could get the

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