Expository Essay About The Outsiders

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Have you ever experience the loneliness? Have you ever be an outsider? Do you care about other people feeling? The book “The Outsiders” written by S.E. Hinton’s novel, is about a boy named Ponyboy, which is on the greaser side. There are two main gangs of people. One is greaser and another is Socs. They are enemy, which the greaser find out that they are kind of an outsider. Socs are the insider, everything socs does, everyone agree because they are rich and they are socs. People consider people by the classes. This book has a connection to my own life experience. I have an experience about the outside and the inside. The outside and the inside have many different things, it could be by action, of feeling, and by way of finding friends. …show more content…

Once in my life, I got to be an outsider. I wandered around for friends. I want to be happy with my friend, but no one wanted to play with me. I tried many ways to shows other that I can be a good friend, but no one knows it. My friend don't understand me, they don't understand why I act out like that, they don't even tried to understand it. Once I think why I have no friends, I find out, I have to change and improve myself. Before, I wandering for friends, but after I change myself, I become an insider. I got friends, but even I have friends, I could see some outsider with no friend. The insiders act kind to the outsider, only when they are face to face. The inside may find some ways to walk away from the outside. I understand the outsiders, but I also understand the insiders. The outsiders act with their heart and be themselves. Even though, sometimes they have to act out the way other will like. But it is different to the insiders, insiders act the way they are, they know their friend. They know how to act and make friend still be a friend. Sometimes when they act, they don't know how the outside won't

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