Essay Comparing The Outsiders And The Boys Who Fought Hitler

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Sometimes characters in stories and real- life people learn the same lessons. In both The Outsiders wrote by S.E. Hinton and the short story “ The Boys Who Fought Hitler “ composed by Scholastic Scope, a similar theme is shared. Both the reader and the characters learn a lesson: to pave your own path and be yourself. In the book “ The Outsiders ” and “ The Boys Who Fought Hitler ” the stories share a similar theme, pave your own path and be yourself. In the book “ The cheOutsiders ” by S.E. Hinton, the main characters Johnny and Ponyboy ran away and saved people in a volatile fire. In the book, Johnny says I'll get them, don't worry! I started a dead run for the church. Johnny also says We're goin’ to get you out! … Johnny …show more content…

In the short story, the boys helped inform the public would their own newsletters knowing that if caught, they could be killed. The author says “ He expected the Gestapo- the terrifying Nazi police to jump out from the shadows at any moment.” This explains that the boys were brave and was worthy of respect from the German citizens. A second example is when the boys used a shortwave radio that would inform them of the truth. The boys knew that if they were caught they could go to a prison camp. The author states “ Listening to foreign radio stations was forbidden and the penalties were severe. In Nazi Germany freedom of speech did not exist.” We can hypothesize that the boys were brave when they decided to listen to foreign news which was illegal in Nazi Germany. The boys did not support the Nazis and they knew if they were caught heavy consequences would occur, but that did not stop them from stating the truth. A third example is when the main characters in the article were in court and still held on to their beliefs and they stood brave against the Nazis even though they knew they would be sentence to death or prison. The main character Helmuth says “ Helmuth was sentenced to death… Now I must die, even though I have committed no crime. “ As a reader we know that Helmuth knew that this would happen and that he would make his own

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