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Patrick Granfors Mrs. Collins English 9 22 January 2015 Analytical Essay for The Outsiders, by S.E. Hinton In The Outsiders, by S.E. Hilton, we go to a time where gangs remain dominant and run the streets. S.E. Hinton tells us about two enemy gangs. The Socs, one of the many provocative gang groups, kids who live lavish lives and get away with the crimes they commit because they look clean cut and look like good innocent kids on the outside. Then there 's the Greasers, who live poorly and get blamed for most of the things that go down in the city. Ponyboy, and Johnny, two Greasers, that at first, clang to the fact that they hated Socs. All they wanted to do was fight the other gang to look tough and earn respect. In the beginning of the story, Ponyboy wishes he looked tough. However, S.E. Hinton described him as having light brown, reddish hair and was small and quiet. He concealed his feelings in worry of looking soft in front of Socs or even worse, his fellow Greasers. His high IQ and good grades and interest in books and movies do not matter because he lives on the poor side of town. He gets judged on where he comes from, rather than on the person he tries to become and hopes to become. Johnny, the second youngest Greaser, gets jumped by Socs, and has feared them since the incident. Johnny, the loyal gang member, gets described as the gang 's pet. Yet, he still believed in doing the right thing and was the most law-abiding kid in the group. For example, one

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