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Did you know that Pavel Friedman, the author of the book The Butterfly wrote “A total of around 15,000 children under the age of fifteen passed through [the concentration camp] Terezin. Of these, around 100 came back”. This is a completely, absolutely horrid statistic, and yet it is true. Speculate about being a child back in Nazi Germany. Not all of these kids were Jews. Imagine the fear of this being you, even if you were a non-Jewish, upstanding young citizen of Nazi Germany. Many children probably felt this pang of danger. The author Markus Zusak captured a story of one of these kids. Not one who was sent away, but lived in the shadow of possibility of being slaughtered, as many did at that time. In his book The Book Thief, he describes Liesel Meminger, the main character, and her troubles, from the horrible violence of the Nazis to the stinging pain of hunger to the delicious …show more content…

The most prominent similarity was the fact that Liesel still adored to steal and read books. Without this trait, this would be an entirely different book. The two most salient differences between the book and movie were the fact that Max Vandenburg didn’t give Liesel and books and that Death didn’t give any, or almost any, comments and narrations. Without these, there are noticeable differences between the film adaptation and book. All in all, I prefered the book better. This is because I truly loved Death’s idiosyncratic comments and informative narration in the book. Even though the movie was very literally visual, I had an easier time imagining the book and understanding it. I really enjoyed reading Max’s books and didn’t have this pleasureful opportunity in the movie. I enjoyed the sensory details and Zusak’s writing style. Lasty, my opinion might be swayed by the fact that I read the book first, making it my image for ‘the right one’. Overall, I liked both but prefered the

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