Lone Ranger And Smoke Signals: Differences

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The novel The Lone Ranger and the Fistfight in Tonto and the film Smoke Signals are very similar in many aspects but have some key difference as well. The main differences occur in the situation where the characters had a choice. The first situation is where Victor and Thomas is the book decided to abruptly leave the Trailer in which they were staying while in the film Alexie chose to stay there. This lead to some character development where Alexie shared some of his stories such as the one about the basketball game. Another difference is throughout the film it is shown that Victor and Thomas have a more strained and aggressive relationship this can be seen in the scene when they're in the truck and Thomas yelled at Victor and showed aggression that wasn't seen in the novel; in the novel Thomas and Victor have a more respectful relationship with one another. Since Thomas is a lot more passive in the novel his stories are more easily understood. The biggest similarity in the book had to be the plot line where Victor's father dies in Arizona and he needed the help of Thomas to pick up his ashes. The difference is how they traveled to Arizona, in the film it was by bus in the novel it was by plane. Another difference in the amount of money Victor was given in the film he says his mother gave him fourth dollars in the novel he was given one hundred by the tribe. All in all the largest difference would be the origination …show more content…

In the end I found the film to be easier to understand vs the book as it was an easier and more straight forward plot line whereas in the book it seemed to jump around leading to constant flipping between stories and pages to get a better

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