Jasper Jones And The Dressmaker Comparison

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Introduction 100 words In this film called The Dressmaker directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse and a book called Jasper Jones written by Craig Silvey they will be comparing and contrasting the use of themes in the film and the book. Revenge in The Dressmaker happens when Tilly burned the town; in Jasper Jones Eliza burned her home. Then in Family Tilly and Molly has a rough start but when Tilly came back they turned out to be happy with each other, while in Jasper Jones Charlies mum and Charlie are happy at the start but went downhill very quickly when Laura disappeared. The themes are revenge, death, and family. Body Revenge 266 words Revenge has happen in both Jasper Jones and the Dressmaker when, Eliza a character in jasper jones, burned her own home down because of what her father done to Laura “ And there, right in front of me, the Wishart house is crackling furiously from the inside. It’s a single box of flames. Ribbons of red and orange lick at broken windows” (page 391), but it also has some comparisons to Tilly who, burned the entire town down because they are trash that needed to be burned (1:51:00 to 1:52:00). In Jasper …show more content…

In my opinion there are a lot of comparisons between the film and the book, but there are also differences between them too, but also they have impacted the audience in both the film and the

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