Compare And Contrast Ender's Game Movie And Book

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It only takes 15lbs of pressure to crush someones testicals; Ender strikes both Stilson and Bonzo in the balls at full force… just think about that for a second. Ender’s Game is about a young boy who is chosen to lead an assault against an alien home world that once tried to invade Earth. throughout the book and movie we see how Ender is isolated and sculpted into the best commander possible; and how he destroys the alien planet. Although both the book and the movie are good, the book is definitely more interesting and is written better. Even though the movie and book are different they still follow the same basic story line and have certain elements that are necessary. Ender the main character is one of these elements, Ender has to be a young boy who is incredibly intelligent. This is necessary because if he wasn't the story wouldn't be there at all.Also Ender has to go to battle school and then become a commander. These are necessary for the development of Ender and lead to the conclusion. Finally Ender has to destroy the bugger homeworld. This has to happen because it is the big concluding even in Ender's Game. Along with these there are other similarities between the book and the movie that aren't critical to the story. …show more content…

For one thing, both the book and the movie have Ender kill or seriously injure Bonzo and Stilson, this isn't something that has to happen to progress the story but it does show how Ender develops as a character. Another similarity is that many of Ender's friends were the same in both. His friend are important because they help shape Ender and help him with his goal. Finally Ender's brother Peter is in both, although his importance is different he still changes how Ender acts. Peter is important because Ender tries to avoid being like Peter, but inevitably can't. The book and the movie have similarities, but have many

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