Ender Wiggin Essays

  • Ender Wiggin Character Analysis

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    Ender Wiggin is the third and final Wiggin child, only six-years-old at the beginning of the novel (and only eleven at the end of it). He is incredibly gifted, but extremely conflicted, and he represents the ego in this metaphor. “The ego develops from perceiving instincts to controlling them, from obeying instincts to inhibiting them” (Freud 32). The ego, in psychology, serves to bring the id’s desires into the physical world. In the context of personification, the ego is a combination of the id

  • Ender Wiggin Character

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    Characters- Ender - Is the main character and is given that because he is chosen to save the world from the buggers. Peter - He is Enders evil and cruel evil brother. Valentine - She is Enders older sister and is the only person that truly loves him. Colonel Graff - He is the person that uses Ender to fight the buggers. Summary- Ender Wiggin is the third born in a family of children that are extremely intelligent, is chosen by international military forces to save the world from havoc and

  • Ender's Game Movie Vs Book Analysis

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    its inability to correctly convey the main character, Ender Wiggins feeling as he moves up rank in the International Fleet. The movie presented various pieces of rising action which cheapened the thrill of the climax, and in ways when compared to the book, was somewhat ironic. In the book, there are three main characters: Ender, Valentine, and Peter. However, in the movie the crucial characters were Ender, Valentine, and Petra. Ender Wiggin, is a boy who is six as the book embarks, but is thirteen

  • Ender Wiggin Stereotypes

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    esteemed Colonel Graff and the International Military are training only the best young children to find the future Mazer. Ender Wiggin, a shy, but strategically brilliant boy is pulled out of his school to join the elite. Arriving at Battle School, Ender quickly and easily masters increasingly difficult war games, distinguishing himself and winning respect amongst his peers. Ender is soon intended by Graff as the military’s next great hope, resulting in his promotion to Command School. Once there, he

  • Ender's Game Character Analysis Essay

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    devastating results for the human species, Andrew “Ender” Wiggins is humanity's last hope. A child prodigy and main character of Ender’s Game, Ender is sent to Battle School to learn how to fight and destroy the buggers. He is chosen because his characteristics are perfect to be a commander. Some traits that are very important in making Ender who he is are his calculating judgments, creativity, and compassion. Calculating Judgments For someone so young, Ender is exceptionally calculating. In almost the

  • Ender Wiggins Character Analysis

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    “I am six years, nine months and twelve days old.”-Ender Wiggins Ch. 7 page 77. Ender Wiggins is a very intelligent boy who is the genius who will save the Earth. Ender is the only one of the “launchies” that is capable of defeating the aliens from attacking Earth again. Ender has two siblings, Peter who is really mean, but can be forgiving at some points. Then there is Valentine who is very sweet and looks out for Ender all of the time. Ender is a “third” which means he is the illegal third child

  • Ender Wiggins: Movie Analysis

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    No one gets peace in the middle of war, and also, pressure. Being under pressure all the time isn´t healthy for anyone, especially for kids. Here, we´re talking about Ender Wiggins, a boy who was chosen to undergo studies at a military school. There, he is placed under pressure and military regime, because he is considered to be the last hope for humanity. He is trained to fight and control spaceships, to use them against an invading alien force. However, the pressure he is under, and also the

  • Ender's Game Isolation Theme

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    throughout their life. In the science fiction novel, Ender’s Game, written by Orson Scott Card, the main character, Ender Wiggin, faces complications when he is selected to go to Battle School for training. Many of these hardships are caused by deep affection while other troubles are created because of his separation from the other students at school. However, these obstacles do improve Ender mentally, and it is depicted that these bumps in the road strengthen the protagonist physically in the long run

  • Essay On Coulrophobia

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    Coulrophobia Perhaps you are born uncomfortable by clowns which is something kind of impossible, or maybe a friend or a family member expressed fright when encountering a clown entertainer at a child’s birthday party, or even seeing someone crying in front of a smiling clown trying to give a flower chapped balloon meaning n harm to that person. As ridiculous as the situation may sound, the fearful emotions are all too real. This is coulrophobia. Well to me I have experienced an awful event with clowns

  • Ender's Game Literary Analysis

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    depicts the being this definition conveys, a being considerably similar to Ender Wiggin. To the lionizing eyes of Earth, he is a child deity who possessed power abundant enough to exterminate an entire extraterrestrial race, but in truth, he is a boy, rupturing from his plethora of errors. In Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card To be vague, Ender’s usage of power is persistent, him not ceasing until the annihilation is complete. “Ender…kicked him again…Stilson could not make a sound...tears streamed out of

  • Ender's Game Theme Analysis

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    type of revelation occurs for the character Ender Wiggin in the novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. The author uses conflict and characterization to convey the theme that all people have the capacity for ruthlessness. In the novel, Ender’s Game the author uses conflict the theme. For example, Ender faces an external conflict with his commander Bonzo, who is “full of hate” toward him (Card 209). Bonzo creates a conflict because he is angry that Ender is winning many of the battles that occur at

  • Ender Widgeon Character Analysis

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    a boy who is born to save the Earth, (Andrew) Ender Widgeon is born as a “Third” in the future where only two children are allowed per family. His siblings are Valentine and Peter. Ender’s Game, provides a unique, interesting view on post-invaded Earth. Logic is vital, in social survival. In every situation its not how large the problem is, its the technique you use to solve it. Compassion is the key to understanding other peoples perspectives. Ender uses logic, technique and compassion to face challenges

  • Differences Between Ender's Game Book And Movie

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    The Ender 's Game book and film are not similar. Andrew Wiggins “Ender” was chosen out of his two siblings to go to Battle School and fight off the buggers. He was chosen by Colonel Graff and Mazer Rackham to save mankind. The book was more enjoyable as a reader. The Ender’s Game book provided more detail of Ender’s siblings. In the text, we learned more about the attitudes and views of Peter and Valentine before he was sent off to Battle School. Peter always thought he should be the one going to

  • Analysis Of John Kessel's Creating The Innocent Killer

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    John Kessel’s essay, Creating the Innocent Killer, is a character study of Andrew ‘Ender’ Wiggin, from Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game. The essay provides an interesting look into who Ender actually is underneath all of Card’s world manipulation, and the message that Card was trying to send through Ender’s existence in the story. Essentially, the message that Kessel sees in the novel is that ‘actions should be judged based on intentions, rather than results,’ which is a belief that is generally be

  • Anthem For The Underdog Song Analysis

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    Ender- Anthem For the Underdog by 12 Stones Concrete Detail 1: The song “Anthem For the Underdog”, by 12 stones relates to Ender Wiggin because of the lyrics “You try so hard to bring me down, You can't break the broken, You still don't seem to understand, It's your turn to see just, How it feels to be me, How it feels to be knocked down”. 12 Stone’s lyrics are saying that even though people are trying to bring them down, they are already broken and they want others to see how they feel. Commentary

  • Ender's Game Theme Essay

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    main character Ender Wiggin as he is brought to a battle school and trained to fight against the buggers, an alien race who started a war with Earth. Ender’s Game is a simple read at surface depth but once you dig deeper, it becomes something valuable. How the themes, plot and characters flawlessly interweave makes this an interesting book to read and be taught. The characters in Ender’s Game, most notably Ender, Valentine and Peter, represent different aspects of humans. Ender represents compassion

  • Symbolism In Ender's Game

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    Ender’s Game, Ender is always under pressure to win and to learn, and it takes its toll. Orson Scott Card uses the character of Ender to help demonstrate the pressure that human society puts on its youth to succeed today, through Symbolism, Imagery and Catharsis. Catharsis Is used multiple times to show the stress and pressure put on Ender. Usually Catharsis in the novel is the result of Ender’s Stress. A scene in the novel where Catharsis is importantly shown, is the scene when Ender is confronting

  • Ender's Game Movie Vs Book Essay

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    That is how the protagonist, named Ender Wiggin feels, in the book Ender 's Game, written by Orson Scott Card. He is offered the chance to go to battle school to train to fight a species of aliens, which they know very little about, called buggers. After Battle school he graduates to Command school and trains as a commander. He defeats the bugger population immediately regretting it and spend the rest of his life rebuilding the population. The book, Ender 's Game was overall more superior than

  • Andrew Wiggin In Ender's Game

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    Andrew Wiggin, also known as Ender is the main character in the book Ender’s Game. He lives in a world where mostly everything is controlled by the government. At first, I feel sympathy for him because he is a “Third” (A third child) which wasn’t accepted by other people. Further on in the story Ender realizes that there are some benefits of being a third. His brother Peter was smart and very aggressive. His sister Valentine was also smart but too nice and gentle. Ender being the third has both of

  • Ender's Game Book Report Essay

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    Ender’s Game Picture a time, where a kid had the intelligence and will to lead an army in an intergalactic mission to save humanity. That’s what happens in Ender’s Game. The story goes as a boy named Ender Wiggin born in 2189 as a third child in his family. When he was six, Ender then gets taken by the international fleet to battle school where he is trained to face an army of humanoid insects called “buggers.” His achievements in his battles at this school helped him get transferred to command school