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Ender Vs .The Game Enders Game is an amazing Science Fiction book. It’s about a young boy who is chosen to save mankind. He makes a lot of friends and enemies along the way that either try and help him or try to destroy him. In the end he looks at life from a different point of view. Enders Game is a very different kind of Sci-fi book/ movie. There are many important facts in Enders game such as when Ender was first going to battle school and while he was in it, Graff told everyone he was the best and was going to win. He did this because he knew the other boys would turn against him and they did. Graff believe if Ender was isolated he would be focused on winning and would become a better leader. The teachers realized Ender had the …show more content…

Because of this they gave him his own command group. They wanted to prepare him for when he will really be leading the way. They group was full of launchys and just not the best group the teachers did this so they could see how he worked around this and if he could make them better (in the book at least). Bonzo was one of the main guys who didn’t like Ender, so he actually tried attacking him in the shower but Ender won. Ender kept beating Bonzo at battles and he was sick and tired of it. When the time came Ender had his final test well at least what he thought was his final test. Graff knew the only way Ender would actually go to war with the buggers is if he didn’t really think that he was at war. But, when Ender found out he was so upset he didn’t think it was right to just kill off a whole species. It is important to know Ender did not know he was at war. The most important thing in this book is the ending when Ender finds a bugger egg and promises he is going to find a new …show more content…

They wanted to see how he would react without it and he acted correctly. He was getting picked on by a group of boys and when one went after him he beat him up and kicked him even when the boy was down. That was very violent but he did it because yes he wanted them to leave him alone now but, he also didn’t want any future trouble. Graff also tried to isolate them in both; he did it for a somewhat good reason though. This is important because he would have been treated differently if this was left out. One really good part that was in the book and movie was when Ender went out onto Eros and met the queen who gave him the baby bugger egg. If this wasn’t in one of them the ending would be totality different because Ender wouldn’t have gone searching for a new home for the

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