Summary Of Ender's Game

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Ender’s Game is a book about Ender (Real name Andrew) Wiggin. Ender is a third (not allowed at the time unless the government allows it.) he went to battle school when he was 6 years old he bounced for army to army until he got his own army the dragon army. When he was too good for battle school he was moved to command school where he and his friends are tricked into killing the buggers. HE never wanted to kill the buggers he wanted to see if the war was a mistake or misunderstanding. He wanted to talk to the buggers and figure them out. Ender’s ability to see patterns as shown through his ability to reorient his gravitational angle, his great ability to think like the enemy and see from the enemy’s perspective,through his ability to innovate unique battle strategies. …show more content…

He is able to know where to go and how to get there just by reorienting himself or pushing off of people and things. Sometimes he will even think like he is in null gravity just to get around obstacles instead of trying to think around them. He can even plot courses with different redirections.”Ender plotted a course that would include two rebounds, to avoid the largest clusters of boys”.(Card 60). He practices changing angles because it makes him harder to hit if he is bouncing from wall to wall. Ender is not only good and changing his gravitational angle but he can also view the battle from the enemy perspective which makes him a very good

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