Enders Game Movie Vs Book

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When dividing the book and movie of Enders Game into sections, we can clearly see that the movie was far more better than the book, at least visually. Not only did the movie show us greater details than the book, it also gave us an idea of what the characters and settings looked like. Some scenes that prove that the movie is richer in quality than the book; is the fight with the buggers at the beginning, the battle room scene with salamander and leopard army, and when Ender goes on the Bugger 's planet to talk to the queen. Let 's begin from the movie with the scene of the bugger 's invasion. At the beginning of the movie, we see the Formics ' (buggers) attacking Earth. We can visually see what the Buggers look like, the alien-ware, …show more content…

One of the most graphical scenes in the book was a fight between Ender and Bonzo in the shower. Ender starts out pretending to be scared to in order for Bonzo feel like he has power. "Bonzo swung his leg as if to kick but changed it to a leap". "Bonzo 's tight, ribs came against Ender 's face, and his hands slapped against his back, trying to grip him. Without seeing him, Ender knew it would bring his face closer, almost in Ender 's hair; so instead of kicking, he lunged upward off the floor, with the powerful lunge of the soldier bounding from the wall and jammed his head into Bonzo 's face (Card 211)." In this scene we can virtually see the whole fight happening between Ender and Bonzo. We can see that Bonzo tried to round house Ender but changes directions into a leap. Ender predicts the movement, goes in closer to Bonzo and ends up getting slapped on the back. As Bonzo tried to grip Ender, Ender lunges at Bonzo, causing Ender 's head to smack against Bonzo face that kills him. We can almost see the fight happening in our minds as we read which makes us see a somewhat better quality and more action-packed fight than what the movie ends up showing. The quality of this scene is very descriptive and detailed which makes the quality of this stick out into our minds as we continue on in the

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