Compare And Contrast Ender's Game Movie To The Book

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The book Ender's Game is a great read. It has a strong and interesting plot that keeps you interested in the book, but on the other hand the movie is a lot different. I don’t feel the director did a bad job, but he left out and changed some things from the book that kind of change up the story. The book Ender’s Game takes place in space on a battleship far from Earth. The story follows a boy named Ender Wiggin, who is a child genius, that was selected by the military to save the Earth from being destroyed by the buggers, which is an alien race. The movie director, Gavin Hood, didn’t do a horrible job of following the book, but it didn’t include as many of the essential scenes as it needed and also changed the name of the aliens. Even though Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is changed in the movie directed by Gavin Hood it isn’t one of the worst book to …show more content…

The story wasn’t told the greatest ever, but it had its strong parts and its weak parts. The director gives scenes like Ender fighting with the other kid and the training games all the kids go through as excitement to keep your attention during the movie. The director changed some big things in the movie. He completely took out some of the games that were played in the book to train them for the war with the space buggers. I think this takes away from the movie quite a bit because they could have made it even more interesting and exciting if they would have put more of these scenes in the movie. He also changed the name of the space aliens from buggers to formics which doesn’t make much sense to me because their was no reason to change the name. They really had no purpose for it. Another thing that changed from the book to the movie was he was described as being very isolated in the book, but then in the movie he made friends pretty quickly. This changes Ender’s character completely because the movie makes him more likeable to the characters compared to the

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