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Ender's Game has been one of my favorite books since I was little. I first read the book when I was 10 years old. While, at the time I did not fully understand the plot, I did find the story very appealing. The story revolves around an impossible version of reality and it is this oddity that originally piqued my interest. I always wanted to be like Ender because he went to school in outer space, continually played laser tag and become the best of the best. One of my first names for my fantasy football team was called “Dragon Army”, the army Ender commanded. In the story Dragon Army never loses. I hoped, by employing this name for my fantasy sports teams, that my teams would always be winners. To be honest, I still use the name “Dragon Army”. Since first reading the book almost 7 years ago, I have reread it several …show more content…

When first reading the book, I wondered what I would have done if I had been the commander of the army, what tactics would I have employed, what kind of leader would I have be? However, since that first reading, the battle room intrigues me for completely different reasons. Recently, much like in the world that we live in today, the theme of games versus reality is a recurring theme throughout the book. I found that Ender is never quite sure when something is a game and when something is real. He plays a mind games that turn out to have been communications from the alien enemy and the games that he is forced to play end of being reality and not simulations. Ender ends up commanding real people who he ended up sacrificing in order to defeat the alien invaders. This has given me a newfound appreciation for a book that I originally believed to be written for younger children. I now see the game room no longer as a game but as a test and manipulative tool for the adults to get the children to focus on becoming the best soldiers they could possibly

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