The Mentor In Ender's Game

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In the past 13 years of my life, many mentors has appeared by my side. No matter if the idea the mentor taught me was big or small, those mentors has made a significant impact on my life. Today, I have the pleasure of suggesting a book to a mentor that had played a crucial role in the development of myself as a person. That person was only a normal person that I met at a basketball camp this summer, but what he said to me I would remember for my whole life, and use it as inspiration to keep going on in this world. Now you are probably wondering, what is that person called if he is so important to you? What I would respond to that is that the names of the person doesn 't really matter. Even if I mention it, you would probably forget it in a day or so. What really …show more content…

I read this book many times during the summer, and after this encounter, I suddenly found that what he said was very relatable to the idea of the book. In “Ender 's Game”, Ender was only 8 years old (I think) when he was sent to Command School to be a commander in the humans vs. buggers war. Most people thought that the whole idea of letting a 8 year old child be the person their fate depends on was preposterous. Ender knew that the people were right, but he believed in himself and his cause. He finally defeated the buggers, and led the humans to victory. This completely reflects upon what my friend/mentor said, because if Ender had believed that he would fail at the start, he would 've never defeated the enemy, and the humans would be eliminated. Ender had confidence in himself, however, and believed that he could lead to humans to victory. Because of that 'belief ', he succeeded with the arduous task of victory. I am sure that my mentor would approve of this, because he is just like Ender. He believes in himself and in his cause. That is the belief that would allow us to go on further. We just need to believe.

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