Ender's Game Literary Analysis

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Innumerable volumes of people portray power as one’s capacity to exhibit their potency; their unquenchable thirst for the dominion over all. Formidable and influential flawlessly depicts the being this definition conveys, a being considerably similar to Ender Wiggin. To the lionizing eyes of Earth, he is a child deity who possessed power abundant enough to exterminate an entire extraterrestrial race, but in truth, he is a boy, rupturing from his plethora of errors. In Ender’s Game, Orson Scott Card To be vague, Ender’s usage of power is persistent, him not ceasing until the annihilation is complete. “Ender…kicked him again…Stilson could not make a sound...tears streamed out of his eyes. He kicked Stilson in the face.”() Despite the fact that …show more content…

“Just as the next blow was coming, Ender reached up with both hands, snatched the boy by his wrist, and then pulled down on the arm, hard.”() Card and his somewhat applaudable idea of power did not view it sufficient enough for Ender to request the aid of an adult. But did envision Ender reinforcing the agony brought upon him, promulgating his power in such a way he experiences yet another unintended consequence. “…the boy was feeling exactly the pain Ender had meant him to feel…I am Peter. I’m just like him. And Ender hated himself.”() Virtually identical to the emotional consequence Ender formerly suffered from Stilson, delineates his sentiments regarding Bernard; Card not developing on his idea in the slightest, keeping Ender’s own hatred of himself and the potential individual he apparently mocks …show more content…

"…she squeezed his knee…where he had always been most ticklish. But almost at the same moment, he caught her wrist in his hand. His grip was very strong, even though his hands were smaller than hers and his own arms were slender and tight. For a moment he looked dangerous; then he relaxed."() Unknowingly Ender has surrendered to the virtuous boy he once was in exchange for the arduous adolescent he is now, confirming what the Battle School destined him to become. Though Valentine’s actual motive for attempting to make contact with his ticklish knee was to console him, Ender considered it an act of peril, judging Valentine’s intention as harm to him. As an unintended consequence, Valentine’s perception of Ender has significantly modified for the worse. “A very small, fragile boy who needed her protection. Not this cold-eyed, dark-skinned manling who kills wasps with his fingers.” Ender’s colossal character change essentially reveals what Card inevitably understood he would become: a clone of Peter’s daunting characteristics. A fairly mutated boy, one distorted from ages worth of intended emotional desiccation is now the accurate plastered image of Ender Wiggin. The boy who in essence extracted all of his own virtue in unaware desperation to become what everyone else coveted him to be. His wealth of power quite unconceivable to the naked

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