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Who would have thought that a boy both violent and caring could save and eliminate a species? In the book Enders Game, Ender and he was no ordinary child, and his intellect was beyond any normal child. His life started to change as his monitor, a device that tracked what he did, was removed and he was forced to face with a long-time bully of his. As Ender gets pushed around, he hits a hard blow and gives no mercy to the boy if he ever wanted it to end. Surprisingly, the people in commands recognize his unfound talents and decided to train him in a school every boy would want to attend. As Ender goes on, he is to be faced with many challenges to come. In Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card suggests that when society is in conflict, many changes will…show more content…
Orson Scott Card wanted to show readers that decisions given to those who are executing it can cause many deaths that would have been prevented if more planning had taken place. He also wanted to show that the decisions made by leaders also affect the one who was ordered to do it. For instance, "I killed all their children's, all of everything” (Card 297). Orson Scott Card also wanted to portray the leader where a character using his irresponsible decisions affected both the person who gave the commands to other causing many casualties. In addition, he conveyed readers to recognize that because of the decisions give to Ender and the commands Ender gave to the pilots, many pilots flew out and died (card 298). The leader irresponsible decision due to conflict in the society which led Ender causing many deaths is a true show of change in a leader decision in these…show more content…
This is present in the communities and society in Ender's Game because as the society debates on the promoted discussion, many people thought the process will change without knowing it. In the book, Card wanted to show readers what would happen to a person who knew about the troubles happening in their world. For instance, " Certain military people who corresponded with her dropped hint about things that without meaning to..." (Card 231). This change in thought process is not only present in those who work for the military but also, to citizens. Card wanted to show that change can also take place in common citizens thought the process and speaking different opinions then they would have before learning anything about the trouble their world is in. He wanted readers to recognize that common man is paying attention and their thoughts on the subject are changing as well (Card 229). These changes are not only found in common man but in high ranking officials too. Card wanted readers to know that race, job gender, nor rank effects who thoughts are changed. "Demosthenes was invited to take part in the presidential council on the education for the future..." (Card 230) This very well shows the changes made to the mind after experiencing society

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