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‘Ender's Game 'written by Orson Scott Card is a novel about Ender Wiggin and his journey to save the world from the buggers.This text informs the audience about issues such as conflict, competition and technology that concern our society and offers interesting understandings about how the composer addresses these issues through the characters and storyline to teach us important lessons about our world. While some aspects of conflict lead to growth, conflict can also result in actions that people will regret. The novel ‘Ender’s Game’ constantly depicts Ender’s experiences of physical contact or man vs man conflict with another character. This is conveyed through the description “It was as if Ender had kicked a piece of furniture. Bonzo collapsed, …show more content…

It is repeatedly proven through the novel, including when Ender engages in the battle school mind game and when Valentine and Peter hide their identities online. This is seen in the quote “‘ Peter, you’re twelve.’ ‘Not in the nets i’m not. On the nets I can name myself anything I want, and so can you.” uses dialog to demonstrate the idea that Orson Scott Card is trying to convey.Orson Scott Card is trying to convey that technology can distance people from the truth using Peter and Valentine as an example. As the individuals observing the ideas that Valentine and Peter post on the net don’t know who Locke and Demosthenes are, or how old they are. This is effective as this is seen in the real world when individuals pretend to be someone they’re not, this is also known as catfishing which happens often in today's society. This can also be observed through the line “ “And the mind game is designed to help shape them, help them find worlds they can be comfortable in "" uses dialog to illustrate how Major Imbu describes the mind game. In ‘ Ender’s Game’ the mind game is used to observe what students do in different situations, however it is also used to distract them in battle school. It is used to distract them from the main goal which is to kill and destroy the buggers.Orson Scott Card utilises this example to show the audience that the children are being distanced from the truth because of the use of technology. This is seen in the real world when individuals use technology or social media to distance themselves from the true world they live in. Therefore, the use of technology provides insight on the world around us as it can distance people from the

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