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Ender’s Game v.s Ender’s Game movie After I read Ender’s Game I watched the movie and I can’t say the movie was bad, but many things in the movie were not relevant at all to the book. The movie was way too short and they fast forwarded too many things. They also dumbed down the twists like when Ender destroys the Buggers when he thought it was a simulation game. It even ditched all the somewhat important things. They must have cut out over 2 hours of plot between every new scene. It also did a few things in common like when something very important came along they would sometimes copy the text word by word. At Least it isn’t as different as “World War Z’. The book creator said, “The only thing my book and the movie had in common was the title.” First off, the differences. the …show more content…

Especially when Ender starts off and goes to the school he is 12. I know it is hard to find a 6 year old actor, but they could’ve tried to make it so that he looked younger than he was so that it wasn’t obvious. They also could’ve made it so that when Ender thinks that he is playing a strategy game he is actually conducting an army without him knowing. They could’ve made it so that when he figures that out that this wasn’t a game the leaders of the school tranquilized him and I didn’t think it was relevant at all that they did that. It also didn’t happen in the book so I don’t see a reason for it. Now you know why the book and movie of Ender’s Game are so different and why the book is better. The movie adds unnecessary parts to it like ender when Ender had gotten tranquilized. It takes out many important parts in the movie like when Ender goes to salamander army. It even uses some important parts, but switches important things like dialogue, action, and even points of time. I thought that these were good reasons why the book is so different from the

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