Compare And Contrast Beowulf Book And Movie

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Have you ever watched a movie based on a book that told the exact same story? To me, for some reason, books always seem to be the better one out of the two. I feel that in novels, the author develops the story with as many details as possible, while in movies that aspect doesn’t appear in the same way. There aren’t as many details in films since it has to last for a certain amount of time, but books can last for as many pages as the author would like them to. When I read, the fascinating novel “Beowulf,” I really enjoyed how the author made me use my imagination to create a picture of the world that the characters were living in. However, when I watched the movie, I felt as though everything I had imagined in my head from reading the book was wrong. Although, this might be the case since I read the book first, and then compared it to the …show more content…

In the book, Beowulf actually strangled Grendel’s Mother, and he did it with his bare hands. In the movie, though, he went to Grendel’s Mother with the task of killing her, but instead, he fell in love with her. Another example of how there is much contrast was when in the movie, Hrothgar was actually the father of Grendel, while in the book, Cain, was the father of Grendel. A third difference was when in the book, Beowulf decided to go back to his beloved home in the land of the Geats after he had killed the hideous mother of Grendel, but in the movie, instead he stayed in the kingdom of Hrothgar, in the land of the Danes and became their king. One final example of the discrepancies between the two plots was when in the book, Beowulf goes against the mystical fire-breathing dragon who was just another beast that Beowulf had to kill. In the movie, however, the fire-breathing dragon was actually the son of Beowulf. Both plots were built up in very interesting and unique ways, but it is true that they are not the same in most aspects of the

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